Chinese Dragon Horoscope

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Year 2017, the year of the Rooster would fill the Dog natives with much energy and enthusiasm all through the year. Hence you are advised to utilize your inner potential fully without wasting it in a more positive and constructive way. Have fun and merry-making a part of life but also make sure that you make the right choices in life as they would have long term effects on your life. In general the year would be a happy period for Dog people.


In the year of the Rooster, Dragon natives would have a difficult time with their career as they would be fully loaded. Co-operative deals would work out well. Get into the good books of your authorities and peers for career advancement. Stay focussed on your ambitions and do not stray away. Around the end of the year, much of your work would be done and there would be some time for learning and garnering new knowledge in your area of interest. Promotions and pay-hikes come easily in your career field.


Dragon natives would be blessed with good finances in the year of the Rooster. You would be able to make more money than the previous few years. This would be a good time to clear all your debts and loans. Some pleasure-spending is also probable. But then do save some finances for contingency plans. Unexpected expenditure is also likely for some Dragon natives by way of medical expenses during the course of the year.


The love life of Dragon natives would be good in the year of the Rooster. You would go for more socializing and there would be new additions in your love life . Have good terms with them as they might become potential partners. Dragon natives would be highly sensitive and filled with lots of mixed emotions in the year 2017. A good time to talk and iron out any relationship issues that have been haunting you in your love area. Auspicious events like marriage and conception likely for the deserving natives. Your sexual life would be upped up this year. Lost relationships would be mended and brought into the mainstream. Your love life would be governed by how you control your senses and feelings in the year of the Rooster.


The year of the Rooster would find the Dragon natives in good health and cheer. This would be a trouble-free year for you in health terms. Stress and strain would be less now and hence your physical and mental health would be reasonably good all through the year. Take ample time for rest and rejuvenation. Keep a tab of diet and exercise plans. Develop a positive approach towards life and you would be in the pink of your health all through the year, dear Dragon.