Chinese Rooster Horoscope

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The Year of the Monkey would be conducive for the Rooster natives to lead a peaceful life. Domestic welfare/happiness is assured. There would be financial satisfaction in life for most of you. No major hindrances or troubles in life are forecast for this period. You would be making many changes that would improve your standard of living.

The year provides ample time to spend with your family and friends. Also your professional life would be full of satisfaction and happiness. However your emotional side should be kept under check. The year-end might bring in all sorts of distractions in life, beware.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Rooster
Many auspicious events are in store for Rooster natives in this Year of the Monkey. You would be able to make some serious amends in your life. Set your priorities straight in life. This would be the ideal time to consolidate your plans and review your long term goals. Natives might face some troubles in the domestic front during the first half of the year. But do not lose your heart. Trust in yourself and proceed ahead with confidence in life. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The year might make you act impulsively at times. Be cautious as you might land in troubled waters. Do not make hasty decisions. A steady and slow approach would win your laurels at the end of the year. Fine tune your intuition and intelligence level to suit your present professional needs.


In the year of 2016 your professional life would grow but the growth would not be substantial. There would not be much pressure as well in life. Hence the period can be best used to fine tune your skill-set. The first half of the year can be best utilized for getting to know an allied subject in a better light. Those into business would find the period suitable for expansion. Chase reality with renewed vigor. The year would help you to mingle with the higher-ups in your society.


The Rooster natives would find the year ahead conducive for their love relationships. You would find new ways of expressing your love and affection to your partner. The middle of the year might call for a revamp or a weaning away of unwanted relationships from life. Do not act in haste when tackling personal issues with your partner. Peace and harmony would prevail during the second half of the year. Stay away from hurting your partner this year as this might have serious implications in your personal life for the whole year. Much emotional stability would be noticed for this year's period.


The year would see all Rooster individuals in the pink of their health for the year 2016. You would be loaded with much energy that would make you do hitherto undoable tasks. There would be ample time to rest your mind and body as well. But then the middle part of the year might bring in some low energy levels. Then you need to bring down your level of working and take proper care of your diet and health. Career would also bring in its fair share of stress in life. Pursue spiritual or social works to get some relief and solace in life. Your emotional and mental health also need to be handled with care for this season.


The year would bring in relationship issues that need to be handled with caution maturely. You are assured better finances this year, hence put them for constructive use. Natives are advised not to brood over the past, instead to live the present and focus on the future at hand.