Chinese Rabbit Horoscope

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The Year of the Monkey promises much progress in the life of the Rabbit natives. Your social circle would expand. Rely on your intelligence and intuition to get away from troubles in life for this season. Do not start any new ventures. Instead focus on the pending ones and complete them. The relationship issues that had been haunting you for quite sometime now would vanish for this year.

A candid talk would withdraw all hitches in your personal life. New friends and partners might come into the life of most rabbit natives. Cherish those relationships. If you get some advise or monetary help from your friends do not ignore that. Your communication skills would take you places this year. Take the right decisions when it comes to major career moves for this period.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Rabbit
Career would get tough and might pose some problems for the Rabbit personalities in this Year of the Monkey. But then your patience and cool demeanor would win situations for you. A strong will power and determination would fetch you favor from those around you. Set your goals and march ahead towards the same come what may. Co-operabbitive ventures would be benefitting for most of the Rabbit natives for this year. You might get the good connections of elders or authorities in your work place. Try to earn a good place in their books for this season. A determined effort would help you to complete all unfinished agenda in your professional field by the end of the year. A stubborn and determined approach would get you good rewards this year.


Rabbit natives would be blessed with a good financial year ahead in 2016. There would be much financial inflow and better profits. All your financial liabilities would vanish into thin year. There would be a smooth inflow of finances improving your financial standing in the society around you. Make sure that there is a clear balance between your financial income and outflow. Avoid unwanted extravagant expenditure. Family and friends might call for some financial help this year. Go on, only a giving hand receives well.


There would be harmony and peace in your relationship area for this year of the monkey. The efforts you had put in earlier years would help you to strengthen your love affairs. Those in a relationship or marriage already would find their life full of love and affection. Much bonding can be experienced. Conjugal bliss is assured for the natives. The single ones would be able to forge new ties in their personal lives. This would be an excellent period for rapprochement or reconciliation if there had been troubles in your love field. Better understanding and communication would help you any sort of storm in your relationships.


Rabbit natives would be having fragile and delicate health situations in the Year of the Monkey. Stress and strain would make you lose shape. But then the middle part of the year would charge your inner batteries which would keep you going till the end of the year. Fitness and relaxation techniques would help you a lot in the long run. Also stay away from unwanted worries and anxieties in life that would affect your mental set-up. Build immunity against all health issues by a clean diet and good food habits.


Relationships would go on smoothly, but then there would be occasional minor hindrances that need to kept under check and control then and there. You are in for an authoritative position in the professional field, use it wisely to earn the goodwill of those around you. A favorable year is just round the corner, hence do not be complacent, instead keep working towards your goals in life.