Chinese Monkey Horoscope

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This year of the Monkey would be a great year for all the Monkey personalities. There would be much development in life with optimism in all quarters of your life. Be determined in whatever you do during the course of the year. Friends and family would be a great source of strength for you in this year. Overcome all obstacles in life by a practical approach which is your key strategy.

The middle part of the year 2016 might pose some problems in your professional field. Try to win the favour of your authorities and peers by your sheer sense of determination and grit. New avenues can be explored in this Year for the Monkey natives. Do not compromise on quality for quantity. Concentrate on the task at hand and be prepared to handle deviations en-route.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Monkey
Career would be pursued on the beaten track this year. But look out of the box and switch to works that are not routine for growth. By this way, you can improve and hone your skill sets. Family and friends would be a great strength of support for you in your professional life this year. Those of you who are looking for a change would find this the ideal time for relocation. The last quarter of the year would be hectic for the Monkey natives as for as their professional life is concerned.


Monkey natives would be able to meet most of their financial goals this year. But then you need to work hard towards it in a positive sense. Review your strategies when it comes to your financial future. The year would provide you with good gains and more scope for spending and savings. But stay away from speculative deals for the period. You might land in troubled waters. Expect some pay hikes or extended inflows around the year -end. Your financial status improves remarkably this year.


In this Year of the Monkey, the Monkey natives would encounter many opportunities for getting into a positive relationship. For some friendship is likely to turn into love. Some of you might get engaged and the rest enter into marriage this year. Let not pessimism seep into your love life. Handle issues with caution and positive approach. All existing relationships would be strengthened during the course of this year. Be open to talks with a candid heart with your partner when the time asks for it. The year present much opportunities to spend quality time with your loved one.


The general health of the Monkey personalities would be far from satisfaction during the year 2016. Your energy levels perk up and a conducive atmosphere would help you to maintain good health and cheer in life. Plan small short vacations occasionally or on weekends to let your steam off. Kick off unwanted bad habits which would be detrimental to your long term health. Mingle with your social circle, follow a good diet and pursue some spiritual goals for goodness in life.


Make as much as friends as you can as this year would pose much socializing avenues for you. You are in for some great financial inflows but make sure that you do not take them too much to your head. Avoid impulsive acts and stay focused and be positive in life.