Chinese Dog Horoscope

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The year would be giving a good time to live for the Dog natives. Life would be emotionally satisfied. But then you need to be willing to make some compromises and sacrifices en-route. Your creative capabilities would come to the fore. There would be occasional delays and hindrances with certain aspects of your life.

But then patience and perseverance would take you through unharmed for most of the year. Be prepared to compromise with some financial troubles as well at times during the course of the year. Avoid extravaganza in life and lead a life of austerity to stem the tide of financial disturbances for the year.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Dog
There would be goodness in the career field of the dog personalities for the year 2016, the Year of the Monkey. The atmosphere would be ambient and conducive for good relations with authorities and peers in your work place. This would be an apt time to invoke your ideas and ideals into actions. Your efforts would be amply rewarded. But then the year would put much responsibilities on your shoulders. Do not bite more than what you can chew. A diplomatic attitude would see you win laurels in the career field for the Year of the Monkey.


The general financial status of the dog natives would be good in the year 2016. This would instill a sense of confidence among the natives. You would find new ways of improving the financial inflow for the period. But then be prepared to maintain a balance between the inflow and outflow of funds. There would be some temptation occasionally to indulge but do not compromise on your budgetary plans. Avoid indulgences of sorts, instead focus on the essentials in life.


There would be a marked growth in your love relationships in this Year of the Monkey for the dog personalities. The single ones would be able to locate their ideal partner for life. There would be much emotions and romance involved in this area. Make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments and feelings of your partner when the situation warrants demands it. Much socializing is on the cards for the dog natives for the year 2016. In general a congenial atmosphere would prevail in the love front for the natives.


The Year of the Dog promises a year of good health and cheer for the natives. There would be calm and peace in life that you would be mentally and physically charged to the full. Take time to relax and rejuvenate yourself periodically. You are advised not to look upon small health issues. Take medical help then and there. A good sleep, improved diet and plenty of exercise would be the need of the hour for the dog natives for this time period. Short and small vacations or pilgrimages would give you the much needed solace in life.


Natives are advised to move diplomatically when it comes to dealing with relationship issues. Career problems need to be handled with caution. There would be occasional difficulties in life that need to be tackled with a diplomatic and tactic approach.