Xuankong 101

Xuan Kong is regarded as one of the most complete systems of Classical Feng Shui. It is widely practiced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. The Xuan kong form of Feng Shui is broadly pursued by Feng Shui enthusiasts all over the world. Xuan Kong, is the mother system that consists of the famous 'Flying Star' Feng Shui technique.

Xuan Kong formulas are constructed based on numerology, symbology and I–Ching principles along with the mathematics of time. A Xuan Kong Feng Shui analysis involves four important factors like the Building, its Environment, the Residents and the time involved. Xuan Kong Feng Shui is based on the subject of "Qi" or the cosmic energies that circulate on earth governing all life forces.

This energy, Qi, is dynamic and possesses qualities that changes with time. Xuan Kong methodologies enable the practitioners not only to assess the well-being of residents living in a particular property using certain scientific formulas and calculations based on the I –Ching but also to forecast the possible outcomes in their lives based on the time-based, cyclical nature of "Qi" in their living environment or area. Xuankong Feng Shui works to achieve balance by enhancing the areas of positive Qi and curing areas of negative Qi. The principles of Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui is related with those of Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory.

A Compass is used to take various measurements of the property under study. A practitioner uses this information along with the construction date and other data to develop a Flying Star chart. This will be used to identify the sources and locations of positive and negative Qi in the environment of the property under focus.

In addition to mapping the Qi flows outside and inside the building, a qualified practitioner will also analyze the birth data of the occupants using Chinese Astrology.Recommendations given will help you to live in harmony with the Qi of your environs.

Xuan kong feng shui principles

Xuan kong Fengshui does not have any affirmations and is very easy to apply practically.It is about the principles 'mountain' and 'water'.


Qi rides with the wind and is dispersed by the wind, but it is retained when it encounters water on its path. Xuan kong feng shui tells that Qi is carried and dispersed by wind. It also indicates that Qi can be stopped or blocked by a mountain.


Mountain' is anything that can stop, block or calm down Qi.'Mountain' can be anything real or virtual, in particular a sort of obstruction. A closed door or a window becomes a mountain as they can stop the flow of Qi energy through them. Elevated grounds, trees, walls, buildings, heavy and large objects, big statues,glass, curtains, tranquil rooms, colder and darker rooms and yin qualities act as Mountains.


Water' means to open up, move, attract or activate Qi in the right location, at the right direction and at the appropriate time. It is opposed to the mountain element. Water can real or virtual. Open doors and windows act as 'water' because they allow the free flow of Qi energy through them.Lower grounds, open space, landscaping, warmer and brighter rooms, round furniture, activity, and yang qualities can be taken as Water elements.