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Prosthetics and Orthotics is generally a health care profession based on engineering dealing with rehabilitation of physically handicapped individuals who suffer from limb malfunctions or abnormalities or absence or loss of limbs or other body parts.Prosthetists provide patients with prostheses (artificial limbs) to replace an amputated hand, arm, foot or leg.

The goal of the prosthetist is to provide the patient with increased function, such as walking or grasping. Orthotists provide patients with orthoses like braces, splints and special footwear which assist movement and tend to lessen the amount of discomfort and increase the stability of the spine or an extremity after injury or disease. The goal of the orthotist is to provide the patient with protection, support and, ultimately, increased function.

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Generally such conditions arise due to accidents or amputation of the part of the body for reasons like diabetes or gangrene or cancer or congenital or even cases like polio. Here comes the need of a Prosthetists and Orthotists who help in giving treatment by means of an an external support for movement and strength to go about their routine activities.tyhus these professionals help such people to return to a normal life by using their skills and advanced medical technology.

They generally have to work with a team of orthopaedics, physiatrists and other medical professionals and only a trained Prosthetists and Orthotists can work competently. These professional works as part of a clinical team which comprises of orthopaedics, physiatrists, nurses and related medical professionals. They have to detailed study of the patient and based on the nature of the disability they have to formulate designs and select materials and components for making the aids and fitting them in such a way that they do not cause discomfort. They have to take part in follow-up procedures, maintenance and replacement of the orthotic and prosthetic aids. They have also got to educate about this safe medical practice to the patient and their relatives thus improving social awareness.


With increasing awareness in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics the employment opportunities is demanding. Though it is time demanding one but brings with it good employment opportunities and self practice facilities. They are generally employed in

• Hospitals

• Clinics

• Laboratories Work room and fitting rooms

• Device manufacturing companies

• Rehabilitation departments

• Ambulatory care services arthritis centers.

• Teaching and research and development centers.

• Manufacturing and maintenance units.

Based on experience and educational qualifications they may be recruited as

• Technologists

• Consultants

• Technicians

• Assistants.

Famous Personalities

David Howells

David is a founding member and director of APC Prosthetics and one of the most highly regarded Prosthetists in Australia, with over 30 years experience. David has been appointed as the Prosthetist to the Paralympic Team since Sydney 2000, and was bestowed with an Order of Australia in 2006 in recognition of his contribution to amputees and the prosthetic profession. He has presented at Australian and International Conferences, and has been lecturing at the UNSW lower extremity course for more than 15 years. As Australia's most experienced micro-processor knee practitioner, he now manages over 40 patients using this technology, since he fitted the country's first C-Leg in 1999. His passion is working with the Paralympic athletes and applying these cutting-edge practices to his everyday community clients.

Richard Curby

Richard is a founding member and director of APC Prosthetics and has practiced since 1979. Richard has acted as a senior Prosthetist in various public and private clinics both in NSW and QLD. He is not only a highly regarded lower extremity prosthetist but is considered an expert in the field of upper extremity prosthetics. He has fitted numerous myo-electric prostheses and is one of only two prosthetists in Australia accredited to fit the Otto Bock Dynamic arm. Over the years, Richard has continued to keep abreast of the latest technologies which filter through to all patients he manages.

Cathy Howells

One of Australia's most knowledgeable and experienced amputee physiotherapists, Cathy has had a special interest in amputee management for over 20 years. She was the physiotherapist in charge of the amputee unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital from 1988 until 1994 and has practiced subsequently in the private sector as a consultant Physiotherapist since 1994. She is one of the keynote lecturers in the annual lower extremity prosthetics course at UNSW and has presented numerous scientific papers at both Australian and International Conferences. Cathy has developed and implemented the training program for all the microprocessor knee users at APC Prosthetics. Her passion for optimal outcomes for all amputees has made her integral to the training and preparation of many Australian paralympians.

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