With the tremendous revolution in the field of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with the upward graph in the fashion industry has made modeling an attractive profession by itself. The glamorous world of Modeling, offers an exciting, adventurous as well as a lucrative career to youngsters.

But in spite of the glamour and popularity this profession needs hard work and sacrifice. Dedication and perseverance is needed to be successful in this field. You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to succeed as a good model. This highly competitive career requires a lot of stamina and confidence. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, and though there was a time when females dominated the field. It has generated a large and continuing demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage. The modeling can be broadly classified into ramp modeling, television modeling and print modeling.

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Modeling is undoubtedly a glamorous field which offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet various classes of people. Moreover once established it is a highly paid job. Even with all these plus points it involves lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is a highly competitive and short- lived career. Further, stress factor is high and the hours are erratic. The job also requires a lot of stamina and patience. It is a profession where educational qualifications become insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities assume importance.

Requisites for Modeling

The main quality to become a model is the looks - he/ she should be tall, slender, attractive or good looking. Perfect skin, good teeth, healthy and well cut hair are assets for those looking forward for a modeling career. Moreover one should be photogenic. Being photogenic is one of the most important qualities to have for a model. There are standard measurements that are required for becoming a model. The model must have a well-proportioned body. They should be tall, fashion industry criteria for best models are 5'7" to 6' or 6' plus. For a man, height should be 6' or 6' plus and he should be muscular. The best measurements for female models are 5'9", 34 bust, 24" waist, 34" hips. If you are within one inch of these measurements you will be very ideal to model almost anything. There are also models that fall in the Plus size category with a well-toned and proportioned body. Though age doesn't matter much, ideally, a young woman starting out must be between 15 to 22 years old. There is no perfect weight. But a model must be slim and well proportioned.

He/she must be thoroughly professional-be on time for assignments, open to flexible timings and must be able to handle criticism. Other qualities include willingness to travel alone, self reliance, communicational skills, patience, stamina, will power, business skills etc. A good knowledge of acting, camera friendly attitude also helps in the field. A models professionalism, character, good looks, and above all photogenic qualities will reward success in this profession.


A models basic promotional tool is a portfolio which consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. The portfolio should ideally have a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot, a fashion shot, action shot, an editorial shot and even a catalogue shot. Submit your portfolio to reputed coordinators, Agencies or Fashion designers and set up an appointment. It is advisable to see several agencies before committing or signing a deal to anyone. Choose an agency/coordinator carefully so you can stay with them for sometime as constantly changing agencies gives you a reputation of being flighty and unprofessional. Once the agencies approve of the portfolio, they may call you for an interview. They may have a photo session. If they like you they will promote you among the clients and will look after legalities of the paper work for the job


Modeling can be mainly classified into Television modeling, Print modeling/Still modeling, Ramp modeling/live modeling, Show room modeling, Advertising modeling etc.

Television modeling: This involves modeling before the Movie camera, to be used for Television commercials, cinema, video, internet etc.

Print modeling: Models generally pose for still photographs, to be utilized in the press advertisements, brochures, magazines, catalogues, calendars etc.

Show room modeling: Models work generally for the exporters, garment manufacturers and the big garment retailers to display the latest trends of fashion to the buyers.

Ramp or catwalk modeling / live modeling: Requires models to display the garments and accessories in front of a live audience. It requires tremendous confidence and poise. Ramp models should have a good posture, walking style and body language.

Advertising modeling: This is the one where both print & electronic media has equal importance. It is in order to promote or popularize a product.

Job prospects are available to models:

• In product advertising

• Featuring in music videos

• Doing live fashion shows

• Showroom displays or garment fairs

• Opening a school for models

• Setting up a model co-coordinating agency

• Acting in television programmes or films.

Famous Women Personalities in the field of law

Marion S. Griffin

Veronica Webb was the first black model to sign a major cosmetic contract with Revlon in 1992.Veronica Webb is one of the most notable names of a very small group of women who were supermodels, a now extinct type of fashion model who once dominated the business. As it goes with models, the core of her notoriety hung on her then and still stunning looks. But, Veronica was also noted as a smart and outspoken advocate for models of color, championing equal access to magazine covers and the spreads that are the essential springboards to the more lucrative modeling contracts offered by cosmetic giants like Revlon. Veronica Webb (born February 25, 1965) is an American supermodel, actress, writer, and journalist. She is of African-American, of Nigerian, South American Indian and Asian descent as per her genetic profile performed by the research facility DNA Tribes. Veronica Webb appeared on covers of Vogue, Essence and Elle magazines and on the runway for Victoria's Secret and Channel.

As a runway model she was in demand to be photographed wearing fashions from the collections of Azzedine Alaia, Isaac Mizrahi, Karl Lagerfeld, and Todd Oldham. She moved to New York City to earn her college degree and was discovered on the streets by a New York makeup artist. In New York, Webb pursued a modeling career and eventually became a spokesmodel for Revlon. She was the first black supermodel to win an exclusive contract for a major cosmetics company. She has also been featured in a recurring role on the television show "Damon" and has appeared in "Just Shoot Me," and "Clueless". She admits that comedy comes much easier for her than drama.

Webb credits as a broadcaster include "Good Morning America", Vogue magazines syndicated style show "Trend Watch". Veronica has also been named on American Vogue's best dressed list three times. In 1998 Miramax Books published Veronica Webb Sight: Adventures in the Big City. The volume is a remembrance of her life with a collection of her essays. Harvey Weinstein approached her while she was in line at the White House about publishing her essays and memoir. He had been a fan of her writing for some time. In the book Webb is especially frank about both her naivety and arrogance as a youth. Ms. Webb dedicates her time to several charitable organizations: LIFEBeat, Product Red and the RPM Nautical Foundation. She is married to George Robb and they have 2 daughters together: Leila Rose Robb and Molly Blue Robb. They live in the Florida Keys. Webb can currently be seen as a co-host on Bravo's Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Eric Wilson wrote in the New York Times Style section that as the co-host of Bravo TV's Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. Veronica Webb is "Saving humanity one make-over at a time." This Christmas Webb plays a high powered fashion editor opposite Rockman Dunbar in the independent feature film "Dirty Laundry".

Anthony Catanzano is a very famous fitness model star who has had parts in many television series such as Law and Order, Sex and the City, Saturday Night Live, and Good Day, New York. Anthony Catanzano has been in the films: Carlito's Way, The Scout, and Batman Gothic. He has also acted in many commercials like Guess Jeans, Nordic Track, and The Loving Game. You can see him on the pages of various magazines like Tony Lama Boots and Hats, Guess Watches, Exercise for Men Only, Fitness plus Magazine, Natural bodybuilding Magazine, Playgirl Magazine, and Exercise and Fitness Magazine. He has many titles as a male fitness model. Anthony Catanzaro became Mr. Fitness Champion in 1997. In 1998, he also became the champion of the middleweight class in the Natural Bodybuilding Championships. He also won the INBF Tournament of Champions in 2003. He also won the Fame America Model Universe in 2003 as well. Anthony Catanzano is not only a professional fitness trainer and a nutritionist but also a talented actor. He can skillfully imitate different voices and characters. He is a good dancer of all types of dances. He is also fond of cooking. He manifests himself as a good motivator when organizing a training program. He is also a talented guitar player.

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