Modeling - Eligibility


There is no specific qualification or age limit to enter into this field. There are no set standards of training in this area, and models are usually expected to learn on the job. However there are number of training schools setting up these days which includes instructions on beauty care, make-up, hair styling, diet and exercise, how to walk and carry yourself elegantly and so on.

These training programs include guidance on how to make a contract and other technicalities. Guidance on making a portfolio also forms a part of such training programs.

The entry to this field starts with the preparation of portfolio which consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. The portfolio can then be shown to an advertising agency, a model co-coordinating agency providing suitable models according to requirements, or a fashion designer. One can also apply for the contests sponsored by magazines, cloth manufactures, cosmetic companies etc and participating in beauty pageants.

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