Gemology is that science that is concerned with gemstones and other materials used for personal adornment. It is a scientific discipline that has evolved from mineralogy - one of geology's major components. It is concerned with the study of gem materials, including identification and testing methods, cutting and polishing synthetically manufactured gems, precious metals and alloys,

their sources and origins and grading and appraising. Since the beginning of human civilization, jewels and jewelry have been an integral part of our lives. They have been regarded as a symbol of wealth and glory. It is also believed that certain kind of gemstones can influence our behavior and our fate as they are to believe to possess some magical powers.

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According to Astrology, there are 9 planets i.e. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. All these planets have been assigned different precious and semiprecious gemstones. They are nature's storehouse of cosmic energy, which is transmitted to its wearers. Their beneficial uses have been mentioned in Vedas and Scriptures of Ayurveda as well as in books on Astrology. Twenty-first century gemology involves the scientific study of gemstones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald etc), ornamental materials (lapis lazuli, malachite), biological gem materials (amber, coral, ivory), and their synthetics and imitations. These materials must be identified and discriminated using a combination of established scientific fact, specialized gem testing instruments, and a comprehensive range of gem testing techniques. With advances in technology the academic and practical challenges being offered to the working gemologist are ever increasing. Over recent years ever-inventive man has duplicated many of Nature's masterpieces, and in the process created precise man-made duplicates (synthetics) and very effective look-alikes (imitations). In addition, numerous techniques have been discovered for artificially enhancing the beauty of lower quality gemstones. The identification of these offers a continuing challenge to gemology and gemologists.

The first step in learning about gems is its categorization. The next step is to learn the terminology of gemstones and then their physical and optical properties, and how those properties are used to identify gems. After getting the background one can proceed into gem identification. Studies relating to this field are gem cutting, sorting, grading, valuation and identification of gemstones, fashion, computer pattern designing, jewellery making, consultancy regarding stones, selling etc.


Since the beginning of human civilization, jewels and jewelry have been an integral part of our lives, the jewellery sales are on the rise which in turn increases the employment opportunities for gemologists. The areas of employment are

• Jewellery houses.

• Work as a freelancer.

• Retail and trading units.

• Export houses.

There are many areas of specialization in this field -

• Gem grinders

• Gem polishers

• Gem assorters

• Hand engravers.

• Jewellery setters.

• Researchers and scientists.

• Gemologists can be engaged in making small gem sculptures, giving shapes to the Gemstones, exporting jewelry etc.


Founder of Modern Gemology Dr. Eduard Gubelin

Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin, one of the forefathers of modern gemology, and who were a Founding Organizing Member as well as an Honorary Member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), passed away in Lucerne, Switzerland in March at the age of 91. Dr. Gubelin was the grandfather of ICA Director Edward Boehm.Dr. Gubelin joined his father's - Eduard Gubelin Sr - gems ad jewellery business during the first quarter of the twentieth century and was soon directed toward gemology as his father established a state-of-the-art gemological laboratory in Lucerne. Gubelin himself became well known throughout the world for his tremendous research and work in gemology. He was the author of numerous publications, spanning many decades, including the classic Internal World of Gemstones: Documents from Space & Time (1974), which showed how the direct source of gemstones might be identified by their inclusions. Today, the Gubelin Gem Lab in Lucerne continues to be one of the best-known, prestigious gemological laboratories.

Anne Dale

New Orleans owns Anne Dale's southern style has charmed the jewelry industry with her knowledge, femininity, and passion for the truly beautiful things in life for 25 years. Anne is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, Professional Gemologist of the Columbia School of Gemology and a Fellow of The Gemological Association of Great Britain. Former Executive Director of GEM-A USA, an American branch of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, Anne promoted gemological education often speaking at jewelry trade shows on diamonds and gemstones. As a fine jewelry appraiser she is a federal expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service. She is a consultant for jewelry designers and buyers within the jewelry trade as well. Anne's quest for the most exquisite jewelry, diamonds, sapphires, ruby, emerald, pearl and gemstones, has her traveling across the United States, Europe and the Far East, as an ambassador for New Orleans and all of Louisiana. Anne always leaves a lasting impression of herself and the unique culture she calls home - New Orleans, Louisiana. In May 1999, Anne opened her own diamond and jewelry store just north of New Orleans, Anne-Dale Jeweller in Mandeville, Louisiana. She implemented diamond gemological courses in private schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States.

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