2025 Void of course Moon

When the Moon is free from any major aspects when changing signs or houses then it is said to be in Void of Course. Once the Moon has made its last major aspect before changing signs, the Void of Course phase of the Moon begins.

Generally astrologers advise against initiating anything when the Moon is Void of Course.

Activities started during this phase of the Moon do not generally end up successful. Usually going on a first date, the first day to school or office, moving to a new home are to be avoided for best results. The Void of Course of Moon is used extensively in Horary astrology applications.

Getting to know when the Moon becomes Void is an easy way to get out or impending troubles and hindrances in life. When the Moon is void, our energies dissipate easily and there would be a sense of disconnection in our path. Hence natives are advised to stick to routine tasks that involve less risk.

Our Void of Course charts would help you to make the most of this generally dull and sluggish period.

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For Mountain Time (MT) : add 1 hour;
Central Time (CT),          : add 2 hours;
Eastern Time (ET),          : add 3 hours;
Greenwich Time (UT),     : add 8 hours.

2024 Void Of Course Moon Calendar