Planetary Influences - february 2024

Mercury Transits Capricorn - (February 1 – 19)

Mercury transiting through Sagittarius during the last days of January shiftsposition to the sign of Capricorn on the 1st of February and would be here till the 19th after which it moves to Aquarius. Capricorn is quite a comfortable positionfor Mercury. Capricorn is all about seriousness and commitment, while Mercuryrules over our thought process and intellect. This transit of Mercury through Capricorn brings our thoughts into actions related to the sign of Capricorn.

Mercury in Capricorn is a great time to get things done. We would be good inmulti-tasking around this transit period. However, we might lose our focus andbecome scatter-brained, hence having a focal point would be a good virtue during this time.


Mars Transits Capricorn - ( February 5 – March 15)

Closely following Mercury, Mars also transits to the house of Capricorn on the 5th of February and stays here till the 15 th of March. Mars is said to be Exaltedwhile in Capricorn. While Mercury helps with our forming of ideas, Mars inCapricorn gives us the energy to implement the same practically. During thistime, the sign of Capricorn is free from any major aspects and this gives us thestrength to pursue our ambitions in life. We would have no deviations or interruptions for our pursuits around this time.

However, Mercury would be leaving Capricorn shortly, leaving Mars along with Venus for sometime. This combination would be a powerful combination for our creative expressions where strength and beauty come hand-in-hand. Mars would be exactly exalted at 28 degrees of Capricorn on the 12th of March.


New Moon in Capricorn - February 9

The Moon would be waning as February starts and on the 9th of February would be joining the Sun at 27 degrees of Capricorn forming the New Moon for the month. At present along with the luminaries, Mercury and Mars are also posited therein. All New Moons are periods of low energy levels and this would be the same too.

This New Moon would be a great time to take stock of our standing and our resources at hand. A good time to take any detours if our current path is not leading anywhere. Try to reduce your energy usage these days. Take rest and slowdown your pace. But make sure that you are loaded with energy reserves to take you to the top.


Venus Transits Capricorn-( February 11 – March 6)

For the last year or so, Venus has been closely approaching Mars and this February it would be finally catching up with Mars. Venus in Sagittarius moves over to Capricorn on the 11th of February and stays here till the 6th of March. This is a good time to explore the difficulties we face in our relationships and the way we express ourselves to others.

And from the 20th of February till the 5th of March, Mars and Venus would be alone together in Capricorn, free from other aspects. Add to this the energy of Capricorn that avoids clinging. Venus in Capricorn will lessen the load on your personal responsibility when it comes to your relationships.


Sun Transits Aquarius –(February 13 – March 14)

The Sun in Capricorn moves over to Aquarius on the 13th of February and stays till the 14th of March. During this Sun transit, Saturn would also be in its own house of Aquarius. This meeting of Sun and Saturn is quite a significant move for now. Capricorn, the abode of Saturn is an earth sign which is now hosting the Sun for a month’s time. Sun and Saturn are said to be natural enemies with the Sun representing the individual stand and Saturn defining the collective community concept.

Sun in Capricorn would move our current works from the planning stage to the production stage. There would be several stages of development going on in our pursuits with the Sun transiting through Capricorn. At last, you might see things settling down in their respective places around.


Mercury Transits Aquarius-( February 19 – March 6)

Mercury that transited to Capricorn as February started shifts position to the sign of Aquarius and would be here till the 6 th of March. In Aquarius, Mercury gets into the company of the Sun and Saturn. Then on the 6 th of March, Mercury would be swiftly changing position to the house of Pisces.

Aquarius is a sign that gives us a good perspective of things around and Mercury here would make things much more effective. There would be good co-ordination between our production and processing techniques and this placement keeps our thoughts and actions in line. And there might be some friction between Sun and Saturn in Aquarius and this would be negated by Mercury posited herein. This underlines the concept that with effective communication, rifts can be settled.


Venus + Mars Conjunction in Capricorn- February 22

On February 22nd, Venus will conjoin Mars. As Venus approaches Mars, Venus is said to be losing the war. And when it overtakes Mars, Venus is said to be winning the war.

The days around the exact conjunction of Mars and Venus are very ideal for our creative and relationship-centred projects. We are asked to fight with dignity around this time. We are also asked to love unconditionally, as we would be surely reaping the benefits in course of time, though the fruits would not be visible immediately. A good amount of responsibility is called on our part around this time.


Full Moon in Leo- February 24

The last planetary event for this February would be the Full Moon in Leo on the 24th when the Moon would be Full at 11 degrees of Leo and the Sun would be in the opposite sign of Aquarius at 11 degrees. Mercury and Saturn would also be posited in the sign of Aquarius this Full Moon time.

This Full Moon is likely to bring about certain unexpected and unexplained events in our life. This is a good time to look at even normal things from a totally different perspective. Look for magic in mundane things.

And as the month ends on the 29th , Mars would be aspecting Jupiter and Jupiter would be aspecting Moon. This is a time to develop the hope and courage to take a great leap in life.


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