Planetary Influences - july 2023


Mars transiting through the sign of Cancer for all of June 2023, transits to the house of Leo on June 30, just as july starts and would be here till mid-August. Mars is said to be quite strong in Leo, the abode of the Sun. A fiery planet in a fire sign would really turn on the heat. During this time, the sign of Leo has been aspected by Saturn from Aquarius and Rahu and Jupiter from Aries. This brings about some confusion, and there would be growth pangs.

Venus is just in the adjacent sign of Cancer , due to this semi-sextile relationship between the love pair of Mars and Venus , there might be some temporary separation or setbacks between partners. Then around the late period of july, Mercury would be coming in close quarters to Mars in Leo. This would improve our communications and also aids in our decision-making process.



On july 3 rd , the Moon in Sagittarius would be in direct opposition (180 deg) to the Sun in Gemini marking the Full Moon for july 2023. Sagittarius is the house of Jupiter which is generally termed as the teacher and Gemini is a sign that denotes the learning community. Hence this full Moon highlights the teaching-learning connections, or the teacher-student duo. This would be a good time to pay due respects to our teachers who had been root cause for our garnering of knowledge. The full Moon would be aspected by Jupiter and Rahu from Sagittarius as well. This would bring to the fore some unconventional modes of learning as well.



Venus transiting through the sign of Cancer as july started would shift position to the sign of Leo on the 7 th of july and would be here for another one-month period, till the first week of August. On entering Leo, Venus slows down and prepares for its retrograde motion due on july 22 nd . This Venus in Leo would be aspected by Rahu or the Moon’s North Node from the sign of Aries as well. Venus goes retrograde at 5 degrees of Leo, and hence natives with this natal placement would be affected by the Venus retrograde the most.

In Leo, the retrograde Venus has the company of Mars as well and hence there might be some relationship tensions around. However, Venus in Leo makes us a bit more creative. The retrograde Venus is also aspected by Saturn from Aquarius and Jupiter from Aries. This brings about some tough energy levels around.


MERCURY IN CANCER-( July 8 – 24)

Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Cancer on the 8 th of july and would be here till the 24 th . Cancer is the home of Moon and is a watery sign. Mercury through this watery sign gives an emotional twist to our perspectives. With Mercury being the significator for communications, this would be a good time to remove emotions from our career or business in order for it to prosper.

On the 24 th of july, Mercury would enter the fire sign of Leo wherein the Mars-Venus duo is already posited. And that would be a good time to delve into the details of anything we pursue, keep stock of our feelings and find out the reason behind the hindrances we face during the time.


SUN IN CANCER –(July 16 – AUGUST 17)

Closely following Mercury, the Sun also enters the sign of Cancer on the 16 th of july. It stays here till the 17 th of August for a one-month period marking the Cancer season. The Sun in Cancer is a good time to enjoy home life thus assuring domestic welfare and happiness. A period when we retract into our own shells and enjoy some good time with our loved ones. Caring and nurturing are highlighted for this period, but do not let emotions hold the sway.

With the transit of Sun through the watery abode of Cancer, Cancer is free from any sort of malefic aspects and hence the Sun would be able to express itself more freely around this time.



With the Sun already transiting through the water sign of Cancer, the Moon also enters its own home on the 17 th of july. This forms a conjunction (0 deg) between the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon at 1 degree of Cancer forming the New Moon of the month. This is a very vulnerable period when our emotions would be at stake with the New Moon happening in the sign of Cancer.

Use this New Moon day to keep your emotions under check and to tame it. This is a good time to just go with the flow, however make sure occasionally that you are in the right path. With some major planetary alignments scheduled for mid-july and the ensuing days, stay balanced.



Venus transiting through the sign of Leo starts its retrograde motion on the 22 nd of july and would go direct on the 3 rd of September. From 5 degrees of Leo, Venus goes back to 19 degrees of Cancer and then makes a come back. As with all the other planet retrogrades use this time period for re-working and re-wiring things, just do not start anything new and proceed with your routine.

Venus, that can be located in the western sky now would then disappear from view and would start to appear in the east as a morning star during the course of the retrograde period. Venus rules our relationships and creative pursuits, use this phase to re-assess these areas of your life. On the 7 th of August, during its retrograde motion, Venus enters Cancer and gets into combustion (0 deg) with the Sun posited therein. Use the retrograde period of Venus for constructive purposes.



Mercury transiting through the sign of Cancer shifts to the adjacent sign of Leo on the 24 th of july, just in time to catch up with Venus which is in retrograde phase there. This would be an exciting but confused time.

Mercury in Leo is aspected by Rahu from the sign of Aries, and this brings about some confusion to the already prevailing situation. Mercury is also aspected by Jupiter from Aries and this is a positive sign which tends to balance the confusion created by the aspect of Rahu. Saturn aspects Mercury in Leo from the sign of Aquarius. Saturn tends to bring about some restrictions of sorts around. Add to this Mercury has the company of Mars and the retrograde Venus in Leo. This would wield us with much power and energy for the period.

Mercury generally stays in a zodiac sign for a short period, but now with a retrograde phase coming up on the 23 rd of August, Mercury tends to stay in the sign of Leo for quite a long time, probably till the start of October 2023.


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