Year 2018 starts with overall prosperity for Sagittarius people. Almost all areas of your life would be good and settled. Then February would be a period of mixed results. There would be good performance in your professional and financial sectors, however love life would be quite bad this month.

The third month of the year likely to bring about a rebellious trend for some Sagittarius guys. Also your finances might dwindle, be cautious. Then April comes with a bang and improves your general mood. A good time for relocation and risk-taking though.

May brings with it a multitude of opportunities which can be channelled proeprly for your general success. Then the middle of the month would bring about a sense of spiritual well-being and social inclination for some of your Sages.

2018 Sagittarius  Snapshot

Stress and strain that has been haunting you for quite sometime vanish as July sets in. Then August of the year would bring about chances of travel, both short and long-hauls.

But then Mercury going retrograde this time of the year, might play havoc with your plans, beware. September would be a month for retrospection and plan for your future.

The tenth month of the year might help you to climb up the corporate ladder if you are into services or your business might grow if into the same. November calls on you to make amends with your physical and mental self for your general welfare. The year ends with a period of rest and relaxation.