The year 2018 brings good tidings for Pisces guys. January would rope in a sense of independence and freedom in your life. A good period to take charge of new surroundings. February brings about conducive atmosphere for spiritual works and pilgrimages.

Then the third month of the year likely to boost your sense of confidence and esteem.
The Sun shines brightly on you being in your own house this time of the year.

And your financial standing would be improved during April, thanks to heavy inflow of finances. May 2018 provides you with ample opportunities for academic and research pursuits. Then the middle of the year, would be brining about unwanted health issues and expenditure that bothers you.

2018 Pisces  Snapshot

Then July comes with a bang, increasing performance in your personal and professional life. In August, Mercury going retrograde might hamper your general well-being. There would be delays and errors in things you do and witness.

September 2018 likely to bring about health issues for Pisces native, hence be cautious. Then the 10th month of the year might make you busy with lots of events and programs on the anvil.

November might tone your spirits a little down thanks to the planetary placements for the period. However the year ends on a stable note, where you would be happy and satisfactory in almost all spheres of your life, Pisces.