January starts the year 2018 with a period of excitement for Leo guys. A good time to plan a vacation or a far trip back home to your roots. The second month of the year, brings glad tidings as far as children or elders in the family are concerned. Auspicious events are probable in the home-front.

Then March shall come in with positive insights into your life. The 4th month of the year, April shall fetch you much luck and fortune as the planets are aligned for the same.

This is followed by a month of better career or business prospects, but then health might deteriorate if left unattended. The middle of the year 2018 is likely to bring about emotional upheavals for some Leo guys. But then success is on the cards in your professional side.

2018 Leo  Snapshot

July 2018 can be taken as a period for some spiritual pursuits, revamping your inner soul. Then as the Sun loiters in your home in August, things would be all bright and Sunny. However look out for some delays and hindrances with the second Mercury retrograde motion of the year underway.

September 2018 brings good tidings in all fronts, maintain cordial relations with siblings and family as trouble lurks around in this area for now.

The 10th month of the year would see in spoilt health as the planets are not much in your favor. November brings you much closer to your family. Then as the year unwinds expect major changes and growth opportunities in your life.