Year 2018 starts with goodness in career, love and finances for Capricorn guys. Then February might slow down you a bit, when you can use the time for honing up your skills. A good growth and performance can be seen on the professional front as March sets in.

Then Mercury going retrograde in April would delay and hinder your plans.
Also health issues likely to crop up during the month. May 2018 would be a time for rest, rejuvenation and relaxation of your body and soul.

Social and spiritual pursuits are best welcomed during this period. Then the middle of the year would be loading you with creative talents that bring you to the limelight.

2018 Capricorn  Snapshot

July might bring about some relationship issues and hitches. Stay away from major rifts that might mar goodness in relationships. Then there would be many crests and troughs in your life during August.

September would be a time when you would be at your best in the professional front. But then health issues and financial troubles lurk around, be wary. The 10th month of the year likely to rope in major personal and professional changes in the life of Capricorn guys.

November is a time to go in for spiritual retreats and meditations that reve up your spirits. As the year 2018 unwinds, Capricorn natives would see a marked change in their financial and career side, however consistent performance is called for to tread ahead in life.