Dos and Don'ts for Venus Retrograde

What Should we Do and Shouldn't Do When Venus Retrogrades

Astrologers have a bit of advice related to Venus retrograde. Following these do's and don'ts would help you from major mishaps and give you peace of mind.

Don'ts when Venus is Retrograde

•  Do not buy apparel, jewels and other cosmetics. Because you would be dissatisfied with what you bought as your ideas about style and fashion get mixed up when Venus is retrograde.

•  Do not go for a hair-cut, you may end up messy, this is not a time for personal make-over.

•  Do not buy anything costly, they would become worthless later on.

•  Not a good time to decorate your living space, you are going to mess it up.

•  Be cautious with relationships, as emotions get marred now.

•  Not a time to start a new love affair.

•  Do not plan or schedule a wedding as well, lots of delays and hindrances abound.

•  Do not end a relationship or get divorce during Venus retrograde, you might regret it later.

•  Do not over-indulge in food, Venus retrograde brings in bad health habits.

•  Do not start a new business or make a new investment.

•  Do not sign any contracts, because Venus retrograde hides the finer print from you.

Do's When Venus is retrograde

•  Be very attentive to people and relationships close to you.

•  Be cautious of your emotions and mental health this period.

•  Look at your inner self and find peace and learn life lessons.

•  Do reflect on the material goals you yearn for.

•  Reassess your relationships when Venus goes retrograde.

•  Do think about what you value most in life, and whether the decision is correct.

•  Do postpone all legal hearings and law suits for now.

•  Let monetary or financial settlements wait for Venus to go direct.

•  Buy items of less value and those that can be bought on a bargain.