Venus Retrograde Period in year 2036

Venus is a neutral planet whose retrograde motion is of prime importance in astrology circles. Simply because it rules over love, romance, relationships, money and luxury. As Venus is a swift planet, transiting a zodiac sign in about 23 days, its retrograde motion is sure to make major impact on our lives. Did you know that Venus retrograde affects females more than the males?

Females have an erratic love life and are cosmetically sensitive this retrograde period and males are said to indulge in extravagant lifestyle and bad habits.

Love relationships get established or break during Venus retrograde season. Your finances also go in for a tail-spin if not handled properly. Getting to know the Venus retrograde period would help us to tune ourselves better to this planet's retrograde behavior.

Venus Retrograde Dates

 - During the year  2036 , Venus Retrograde period is from 08 May 2036 to 20 June 2036 .

 - In the year  2036 , Venus Retrograde can be found in the month May and June.

Venus Retrograde Days

 Transiting retrograde motion for about 43 days