Effects of Venus Retrograde

Effects of Venus Retrograde

The planet Venus going retrograde sure affects us both emotionally and physically. We are likely to feel very lonely and frustrated during the period. You would have mixed feelings about your love affairs/marriage and your social life would be in for a roller-coaster ride.

When Venus goes retrograde, an old friend might turn up re-igniting your past memories. In some cases an Ex might show up kindling old feelings and long-last emotions. This is a period that brings to the fore what you value more in life, be it relationship or material resources. There would be a transformation about our opinions on spiritual matters and the way we judge our loved ones.

If you are in a relationship, then there would be times when your level of affection goes down and there would be misunderstandings of sorts. However Venus retrograde period can be used to bring about some transparency in your relationships. Certain hidden truths of both sides would be brought to the fore. For those in troubled settings, Venus retrograde makes it to the divorce room. In a way this is quite positive for the natives, as holding onto abusive or dissatisfied relationships would take you nowhere. Now that you have a clear picture, you can settle down with a comfortable partner once Venus goes direct.

Beware of forging new relationships as troubles abound when Venus goes retrograde. There would be myriad issues that mar betterment in the ties with partner. Usually such relationships would weigh us down heavily, and takes time for us to rebound back, hence be cautious.

Venus is a planet that is related to creativity, beauty, luxury and cosmetics. Venus retrograde period helps us to change our opinions in this arena. However anything done related to the above areas would end in deadlock. Postpone all high-value purchases for Venus direct period. Also this is not the best time to plan for a baby or conception as it is ill-advised for the period.

Venus Retrograde on Relationships

When Venus is retrograding almost all the troubles around seem to culminate over your love and marriage. As with the other planetary retrogrades, Venus retrograde brings back old Exes back into your fold, fanning on new romantic fires. And know what, you are sure to land in trouble.

Natives who are already married or into committed relationships would see their relationship phase on a downslide. Problems arise out of nowhere.

Venus retrograde on Money

Venus rules over our finances or money apart from love. It is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is the second house which stands for finances in general. Hence Venus represents how we earn money, how we value it and how we spend it.

However Venus retrograde time makes our financial life a little messier when compared to its direct station. It is a good time to review and reassess your financial plans. Re-plan your budget if you are over-shooting your inflow. Also stay away from shopping or extravagant expenses during the retrograde period, cause this is a bad time for it. If you are really into buying something, then make a research and wait for Venus to go direct before you venture out to purchase the same.

Luxury items purchased during the Venus retrograde period generally go useless or get damaged or do not work properly and might fill you with lots of guilt. Hence any shopping plans and high-value purchases need to be kept for Venus to go direct.