Uranus Retrograde

Uranus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of Aquarius. For long, our solar system ended with the planet Saturn and when the planet Uranus was discovered it became an awakener to behold, it brought about ripples and shook the world of astrology. Uranus is said to bring surprises, wakes us up and gives us a different perspective of life. It makes us quite restless and apprehensive.

Like all planets, when Uranus is retrograde it is less predictable and behaves more erratically. Uranus goes retrograde once every year and stays retrograde for about 6 months at a stretch. When Uranus retrogrades, the effect would be more internal than external. It brings about sudden forced and extreme changes around, in our mind, life or heart. It asks us to tread a new path altogether far away from our past or current journey.

What happens during Uranus Retrograde?

Generally Uranus retrograde has a negative connotation to it. When Uranus goes retrograde we feel that we need an autonomy over things. There would be no guarantee for anything during this phase and multiple barriers arise in our path. Uranus retrograde has the power to topple or realign things that might be exciting for some and disappointing for others. It liberates us from the clutches of our thought process and asks us to think anew. Our perspective would be in for a major makeover.

Uranus retrograde alters the way we communicate. Our personalities change dramatically and timid people might become temperamental and an extrovert might retreat. It always makes us to choose the unconventional route. There would be major changes in your personal and professional life after lots of consideration. It frees you from the clutches of tough relationships or dissatisfied job positions.

Uranus Retrograde dates for 1900 to 2100

Effects of Uranus retrograde on the zodiac signs


Aries is an aggressive and impulsive personality that when Uranus retrogrades it would not be daunting for them. Aries does not like being told what to and always questions authority. However Aries are asked to look out before making impulsive moves in love and finance. It is better that they are cautious before they take major detours.


When Uranus goes retrograde, it makes Taurus folks to make changes in their lives whether they like it or not. They ought to be flexible towards this and not flex their muscles around. This is a good time to get rid of bad health habits and find freedom for yourself. It makes Taurus quite unsettling at times, however would bring about liberation on a broader sense.


When Uranus goes retrograde it brings about massive changes and innovations around that that the curious and versatile Gemini takes it up easily. Being adaptable makes the Gemini to tide over the effects of Uranus retrograde. But then the natives are asked not to take everything too much to their heart which might bring about worries and anxieties.


Cancer is an emotional sign that yearns for a comfy and safe atmosphere around. But when Uranus retrogrades it makes the Cancers feel very frightened, insecure and unsettling. However this is a good time when the introvert Crab can come out of its shell and explore the world outside. Uranus brings out your creativity to the fore and makes you more responsible.


Uranus brings about great revolution as it retrogrades. This would stimulate the Leos more and their creativity gets greatly enhanced during this phase. Leos might be asked to bend and flex a bit here and there to settle into the society around. You would be able to realize your hidden talents and innate strengths this period, though some tumultuous times cannot be ruled out.


Uranus is an erratic planet that brings about chaos around and is unpredictable. However Virgo is all about perfection and orderliness that they seem left out. Hence this is a good time to break your routine and look out for some changes. It makes you to adapt to new surroundings or situations and helps you to grow with grace embracing changes as they come your way.


Libra is all about balance, harmony and peace that when Uranus goes retrograde, it makes the Libra a bit nervous. Uranus makes you question established norms and rules without any forethought which is much against your nature. Uranus teaches you that it is not always necessary to please others and asks you to be true to yourself. This might make you quite jittery but then you would become more authentic.


Uranus retrograde period would be quite a favourable period for Scorpios. This would bring about major changes in your relationships, however there might be some surprises in store. You like to bring secrets to the fore, very much the nature of Uranus and hence there would be much in common during this phase. But then things might go out of control at times, hence you need to adapt to changes fast.


The fun-loving Sages would find the Uranus retrograde period a good time as their adventurous and freedom-seeking nature would be greatly supported by Uranus. Your craving for change and growth would be meted out this period. But then be alert and vigilant and make sure that your love for pleasure would be within bounds and you are practical about life.


Uranus when going retrograde brings about major revolutionary changes which might rock the boat of Capricorn who is always under control and follows rules to the book. But then this would bring about changes in your life even without your asking. Uranus would ask you to be a little more flexible and bend the rules for your own good.


When Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius goes retrograde, the natives would become for rebellious than their regular self. They would be more erratic and might burst out for want of much more freedom and independence. During the retrograde phase they become more innovative and bring about changes that would be beneficial to the society as a whole.


Uranus retrograde would force the compassionate and emotional Pisces to stand up for what they want rather than going with the flow. However they would be able to embrace the changes that come their way. They are fluid enough to accommodate any change or shift around. They remain unperturbed by the commotion brought out by the retrograding Uranus.

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