Uranus Retrograde 1891

What should we do when Uranus Retrogrades?

When Uranus goes retrograde follow your intuition and imagination. It is not a good time to travel with your partner when Uranus retrogrades. It asks us to see life from a new perspective and take detour from our current paths. Though this change would not be desirable, the end result would be quite appealing, perhaps you might get to see a rainbow after the rain. Uranus guides us in getting away from our conventional thought process and enlightens us as to what is of value and importance in life. Our mundane opinions are just brushed under the carpet.

Impact of Uranus retrograde on our lives

•  When Uranus goes retrograde, it forces us to view things from a different perspective.

•  It makes us to make amends to lead a more real life, rather than going with the flow.

•  It asks us to question the existing norms and rules in our society.

•  Uranus retrograde just liberates us from the clutches of age-old hypocritical ideas and thoughts.

•  It compels us to break existing laws and rules.

•  Uranus retrograde makes us to get out of the mould.

•  It encourages us to stand up for what is right.

•  Uranus does not bother if our views or unpopular or if we are threatened.

Legend :

- Uranus Retrograde Period

Uranus Retrograde Calendar

Legend :

- Uranus Retrograde Period