Pluto Retrograde 1988

Pluto rules over psychology, power, regeneration, and the subconscious mind .Pluto is a planet that brings about some drastic changes in our lives and brings about fears. It cleanses ourselves from within and prunes our relationships. When it retrogrades, Pluto puts us through lots of hardships and this would be a time for improvement of our self.

Do’s during a Pluto Retrograde

•  A good time to get rid of redundant relationships.

•  Pluto retrograde period can be taken up for spring cleaning.

•  This is a time to expect the unexpected in life.

•  Accept any endings with ease, do not worry over it.

•  This is a good time to showcase your skills to the world.

•  Certain critical areas of your life that cry for attention need to be attended now.

•  Do not hesitate to ask for support or help.

•  A good time to explore your family tree or lineage.

•  Making long term investments during this period would be very rewarding.

•  Do not give power or authority to the wrong hands now.

•  The retrograde period can be utilized to revamp your financials.

Dont’s during a Pluto Retrograde

•  Do not be afraid of anything.

•  Do not hold onto redundant things in life.

•  Do not let secrets out.

•  Do not fail to respect elders in the family.

•  Do not be aggressive, it might mar your relationships.

•  Do not manipulate people.

•  Do not look down on the weak and needy.

•  Do not ignore your physical and mental needs.

Legend :

- Pluto Retrograde Period

Pluto Retrograde Calendar

Legend :

- Pluto Retrograde Period