Mercury Retrograde and Career

Career in Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet of communication. It is said that when Mercury truns retrograde, it would play havoc in this area which is very vital for all sorts of business and professions. Does it mean that one has to shut shop every time Mercury turns retrograde. The answer is a bigno. If one knows how to

make the most of this influence of Mercury, then things would sail smoothly in the career front come what may. Follow the below mentioned steps on how to tackle Mercury retrograde period in your career field.


• In general business or career pursuits slow down or slump a little when Mercury is retrograde in its path. Make use of this period to return any unfinished tasks at hand. It is a period for cleaning up your work front. Bring a routine or schedule in your work.

• Since communications go awry when Mercury is retrograde make sure you have some extra time by your side when attending to important matters. Also double check all your communication and travel plans to the point.

• Mercury retrograde is a period when ground work can be done for any future ventures or projects. Do sample research, garner relevant data and acquire any skills that might be needed for your future plans.

• Much data and information are said to be lost when Mercury goes retrograde. Hence make sure you back up all vital statistics and data before things go haywire.

• Mercury retrograde is a period when contracts and agreements can be renewed or renegotiated. In other words things can be updated during this period.

• This is a time when old career contacts can be resumed. It would had been some time, since you last had contact with your ex-employer and peers. This time can be sued to reconnect with them so that you have a clear picture of where you stand in your career field.

• It is an apt time to take up works of repair or up-gradation of office or factory equipments.

• This is a time to relax and enjoy your work come what may. Of course there would be certain delays and hindrances in your pursuits but do not take them to heart. It is just a passing phase.


• Do not start any new ventures when Mercury is retrograde. It is a serious "No" in this issue. In case, you start one it would be a total disaster with a waste of time and finances. You have to start it all over again from the scratch when Mercury turns direct.

• When Mercury is retrograde make sure you do not take any important decisions. Because all decisions taken now would have to be reframed or remodelled later on.

• Do not venture into a new business or join a new job position when Mercury is retrograde. Wait for some time and do the needed ground work before venturing into an unknown territory.

• Do not make any new purchases related to career during this period. Else you might land up with messed-up equipments. Installing new hardware or software is also to be postponed as much as possible.

• Do not enter into any new contracts or signing of agreeements. If done during Mercury retrograde period they are unlikely to be honored by both the parties involved.

• Do not create any new partnership or alliances in your career field. Lots of miscommunication and misudnerstandings are likely to creep in when done during Mercury retrograde period.

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