Mars Retrograde 2097

Mars is a fiery planet that is usually termed as a fighter of the aggressive type. It is associated with our sex drives, career moves and energy levels. Mars retrogrades very rarely, say once for every two years when it goes on a back-drive for about 10 weeks. And this period is going to be a hell lot if we are not familiar with Mars retrograde effects.

Mars retrograde is not a time to initiate any love or marriage relationship as your sexual life would be affected altogether. Also not a good time to initiate a job too. Anything started during Mars retrograde would lose steam very soon, there would be a lack of energy. However there would be a craving for a new job or a new relationship with the natives. Mind you these would take you nowhere.

When Mars goes retrograde it would be staying for about 6 months in a sign, normally it would be there for about 2 months time. Hence people with strong planetary placements where the Mars retrograde happens seems to feel the pinch more. To put it in a nutshell, Mars retrograde does not imply your downfall, instead it is a time of frustration.

Mars Retrograde Calendar

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- Mars Retrograde Period

Mars Retrograde Dates

 - During the year  2097 , Mars Retrograde period is from 30 June 2097 to 31 August 2099 .

 - In the year  2097 , Mars Retrograde can be found in the month June and August.