Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is one of the nine planets in our solar system. In astrology studies, it is said to rule over expansion, knowledge and wisdom. It is the ruler of the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter governs our potential for luck and abundance. It is generally considered a benefic planet that rules our luck and fortune. However on the negative side it might indicate indulgence of sorts. Jupiter is termed as a teacher and hence is called as “ Guru” in Vedic astrology.

In astrology, all planets are known to go through a retrograde phase every now and then. So what does it mean when Jupiter is retrograde? This would be a time for growth and development and a deep spiritual and introspective study. It helps you to look at the bigger picture and find the real purpose for which you were brought into this earth. It is a time to garner knowledge or pursue a spiritual path. When Jupiter goes retrograde we feel very optimistic and inward-oriented and would delve towards locating our hidden potential.

Jupiter Retrogrades for about 4 months at a stretch and goes retrograde once in every 13 months or so. Use the Jupiter retrograde time to learn something new, may be a skill, meditate and journal your life happenings.

So, what does retrograde Jupiter means for the individual sun signs and how they should use this phase wisely:


You are very fiery, aggressive, yet have a caring generous nature on the inside. Use this retrograde phase of Jupiter to help someone in need, lend a helping hand. Focus more on others around you and find ways to appease them. Getting connected with the right people during this time would change your life altogether.


Let this retrograde phase of Jupiter be used to take stock of your professional progress, Taurus. You would have enjoyed success and satisfaction in life till now and the same would continue. Though you like to socialize, now would be the apt time to bring your career life back into focus. Some great achievements can be seen from now on.


You have a long list of ventures that are in the back burner. Now during this Jupiter retrograde period, bring them back to the table. Activate them. Now you would feel much confident than ever before. Do not doubt yourself and keep going. Greater things are coming your way.


During the Jupiter retrograde period, use your time wisely to look for important life lessons, setbacks and success that taught you something. This is a time when you understand yourself much better. Achievements come naturally to you now. Find out what liberates or frees you.


As Jupiter goes retrograde, surround yourself with positive people who would uplift you. Certain setbacks might weight you, remember this too shall pass off. A good time to lift up you ego and start good relationships, they have great things in store for you.


Virgo, find out ways that would improve your physical and mental health during this retrograde period of Jupiter. Do not sacrifice your peace of mind for anything, try to lessen your burdens. There had been some new connections in your life, well and good, but try to focus on yourself and your well being.


This retrograde period of Jupiter would be a good time to bring back some of your old long-lost hobbies or pursuits back to the drawing table. Ignite your hidden passions and skills. Do not go about your routine. Instead enjoy the good things in life that are close to your heart.


This retrograde phase of Jupiter helps you to evaluate your relationships, whether you are happy with your existing relationships and where you are headed. Do things that you have been craving for long, this is a time to fulfil your obsessions.


This would be a time to know more about yourself as Jupiter goes retrograde. Be clear as to what you want and what ought to be done to achieve it. Focus all your energy towards achieving the same. Your inner life blooms now. Speak up for yourself and your pursuits.


As a hard and committed worker, this retrograde period of Jupiter brings money and material resources to the focus. Do speak up or ask for what you deserve. This is a time to visit your financial ambitions and see what can be done to better it.


Jupiter retrograde improves your self-esteem and make you live your dream. Make great plans and live the same. Conquer the world, shed off all those inhibitions that have been holding you up till now.


This is a time when you can share your knowledge and compassion with those around you. Help others in need, and ask for support when you need the same. You have seem much growth on the inside and outside, use this to uplift others too.


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