Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is one of the nine planets in our solar system. In astrology studies, it is said to rule over expansion, knowledge and wisdom. It is the ruler of the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter governs our potential for luck and abundance. It is generally considered a benefic planet that rules our luck and fortune. However on the negative side it might indicate indulgence of sorts. Jupiter is termed as a teacher and hence is called as “ Guru” in Vedic astrology.

In astrology, all planets are known to go through a retrograde phase every now and then. So what does it mean when Jupiter is retrograde? This would be a time for growth and development and a deep spiritual and introspective study. It helps you to look at the bigger picture and find the real purpose for which you were brought into this earth. It is a time to garner knowledge or pursue a spiritual path. When Jupiter goes retrograde we feel very optimistic and inward-oriented and would delve towards locating our hidden potential.

Jupiter Retrogrades for about 4 months at a stretch and goes retrograde once in every 13 months or so. Use the Jupiter retrograde time to learn something new, may be a skill, meditate and journal your life happenings.


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