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The planet Jupiter represents Wisdom or knowledge. It is a planet of freedom, tolerance and plenty and prosperity. From this planet all good things come and it is taken to be a  moderate and kind planet.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system with its own collection of moons orbiting it. As Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun, it spends one year in each

Sign. Jupiter is said to bring great good fortune, and its influence is to expand the effect of everything it comes into contact with. Jupiter rules the law and moral authority, and our approach to these issues.

The Zodiac Sign Jupiter is in represents cultural influences and social drives for expansion and improvement in life.The Astrological House Jupiter is in shows where there will be good fortune and expansion in your personal life.

In Indian astrology , Jupiter is known as "Guru" which means teacher or "dispeller of darkness." Every twelve years, Jupiter returns to the same position it was at your birth. The Jupiter return marks the beginning of a brand new, 12-year cycle of growth and expansion. The year of the Jupiter return is an especially powerful year as it signifies a recommitment to whatever sign Jupiter is placed in your natal chart.

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