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taurus-flag Taurus
The ecliptic encircling the earth with its band is called as zodiac. These zodiacs forming a band are about 15 degrees wide, across which the planets move and form their geometrical relationships. They are supposed to form the stellar backdrop for the apparent path of the Sun, called the plane of the ecliptic.
In astrology the circle of the ecliptic is divided into twelve parts, called as Signs of the Zodiac which in turn are further subdivided into 30 degrees thus forming 360 degrees in all.

The Flag of Taurus is a mix of yellow and green colour. There is a yellow vertical band in the centre bordered by green vertical bands on either side. The yellow vertical band in the centre has a circle which in turn accommodates five small orange circles with a centre white circle.

The circle in the centre signifies the eternal and uncorruptible nature of the people of Taurus sign. Unity, wholeness and infinity are represented by the vertical band which is universal in nature. The green colour of the flag signifies that the Taurus people is supposed to be very sympathetic, steadfast and restrained. It also indicates the soothing nature of the people. The green colour symboliseslife, growth and rebirth. Green color is a Virgo shade. It is supposed to instill self-confidence and helps steady nerves. Green aids balance in all things and is a typical healing hue. Green is excellent for calming frayed nerves. It is a color which liberates and renews feelings which fascinates by softness and calm. It evokes the impression of nature and emotional satisfaction. It is also associated with pleasure, charm, enchantment and affection. Green is defensive and cautious, as well as being weakening and static. It is a feminine shade of passiveness and peace, wisdom of nature, eternal life and hope. It denotes the placid and harmonic oval form.

taurus-astrology and numerology

Yellow colour of the vertical band signifies the intellectual and communicative nature of people of Taurus. It is used to produce detachment and reduce depression. Yellow is considered as the most positive of colours and the closest to pure light. It also symbolizes the Sun. It enhances alertness and encourages activity. Yellow is the color of the Buddha and His followers. Yellow people make good leaders as they are methodical in their thinking and decisive. They analyze before acting. The circle is bordered by black colour which is used to signify that the people are formal, conventional, and dignified. It symbolized power, strength, authority, elegance and death. Orange is more ambitious and self-sufficient than red, and lacks its warmth; it has the intelligence of yellow without its loftiness. It is used therapeutically to bring joy and heal grief. Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, kindness are the nature of Taurus zodiac sign. The circle in the centre which is white in colour indicates the precise, critical, and sincere nature of the arieans and also used as the symbol of purity.

Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. According to numerologists, each number possesses a certain power that exists in the occult connection between the relations of things and the principles in nature which they express. The 3 folds of the vertical band signify the trinity, friendly, very positive and optimistic, inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic and uplifting nature of the people. There are 6 circles in the middle which signify compassionate, responsible, sacrificing, unselfish and harmonious nature of the people of Taurus. Though there are 6 circles there is only one centered in the middle and also the numerological number for the name Taurus is 1, which according to numerology signifies the leadership skills, goal-oriented, strong will power, and courageous, unconventional, inventive and creative skills of the people belonging to this sign.

One can be happy, loving, romantic, dynamic and charismatic, but on the downside it can be egotistical, selfish and melodramatic, individualistic, obstinate and alone. The 5 number of circles encircling the one in the middle indicates many things. In Christianity, five were the wounds of Christ on the cross. There are five pillars of the Muslim faith and five daily times of prayer. The number 5 has always been regarded as mystical and magical, yet essentially 'human'. We have five fingers/toes on each limb extremity. We commonly note five senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We perceive five stages or initiations in our lives - egg. birth, adolescence, coitus,parenthood and death. The number 5 is associated with Mars.

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