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libra-flag Libra
The Flag of Libra is light lemon. It is featured with a tree like image in the centre bordered by green narrow horizontal stripes on the upper and lower side of the flag. The green coloured horizontal stripes are in turn bordered by thin black lines. The green colour of the flag signifies that the people of Libra zodiac sign is supposed to be very sympathetic, steadfast and restrained.

It also indicates the soothing nature of the people. The green colour symbolize life, growth and rebirth. Green color is a Libra shade which is supposed to instill self-confidence and helps steady nerves by calming them. The more green colour of the flag is a healing hue which aids balance in all things. Green is healing, sympathetic, steadfast, and restrained and its presence in an environment is said to reduces stress and movement. Goethe observed that green is soothing because it balances the positive yellow and the negative blue. Green symbolized life, growth, and rebirth; it was opposed to black, the colour of death.

Light lemon, which is the colour of the flag is the most slender, tender and uncertain color, with a tendency to merge into white, which is the balance of all the colors. But there is some indecisiveness depicted in this shade. At the same time, however, it denotes lightness, caution, changeability and attractiveness. From the aesthetic point of view it is perceived as a colour of sympathy and very consoling in nature. It is a shade which orients toward contact but also evokes feelings of insecurity and unreliability. This color has the form of a long hexagon (with concave sides) and reflects the light well, its intensity diminishing only a little.

libra-astrology and numerology

The colour of the image of the tree is orange which is astrologically more ambitious and self-sufficient than red, and lacks its warmth; it has the intelligence of yellow without its loftiness. It is used therapeutically to bring joy and heal grief. The black color in the flag is used to signify that the people of Libra are formal, conventional, and dignified. It symbolized power, strength, authority, elegance and death.

According to numerologists, each number possesses a certain power that exists in the occult connection between the relations of things and the principles in nature which they express. In numerology the tree which is 1 in number signifies the leadership skills, goal-oriented, strong will power, and courageous, unconventional, inventive and creative skills of the people belonging to the Libra zodiac sign. One can be happy, loving, romantic, dynamic and charismatic, but on the downside it can be egotistical, selfish and melodramatic, individualistic, obstinate and alone.

The 2 number of horizontal stripes is to indicate that the nature of the people of Libra as passionate, perceptive, peacemakers, diplomatic, always seeking harmony, and truthful, tough fighters when provoked. The three numbers of branches like appearance in the tree in numerology denotes the trinity, friendly, very positive and optimistic, inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic and uplifting nature of the people. The numerology for the zodiac sign Libra is 6 which signify compassionate, responsible, sacrificing, unselfish and harmonious nature of the people of Libra.

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