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aquarius-flag Aquarius
The Flag of Aquarius is light blue. It has four triangles one from the hoist side, the other from the fly side and the two other from the upper and lower side of the both intersecting at the middle. At the centre of the intersecting point there is a red star which is four pointed and all the points touching the borders of the flag.
The flag which is predominantly blue in colour though said to be a cold colour it indicates the nature of the people who are affectionate and friendly. It also talks about the people who often get into the world of fantasy than reality and dreams about the supernatural power.

There are 4 equilateral triangles predominantly blue in colour which explains the people of this particular zodiac sign as idealistic, rational, honest, and tranquil. The blue colour is also considered more sociable. The colour blue and its importance were derived from the skin colour of Lord Krishna, who is revered as the divine flute player. The special energy of the second Moon was considered 'blue' or divine by Indian religious scholars and priests. Blue symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, honesty, tranquility, and peace. Blue is a symbol of cold for it is related to sky and deep sea. In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away. Blue conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister and is long associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism thus predicting the nature of people of Aquarius. Blue offers depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom and truth. It is a calming color and is attributed to the sign of Aquarius.

aquarius-astrology and numerology

According to astrology star is a symbol of light meaning bright future. Thinking of the Star, first of all, gives each of us the feeling that we are shining with light. In this state we feel secure but free, and can be more loving, more accepting of other people. Not only that. By associating ourselves with the Star symbol, we are thinking of ourselves at the simplest, finest, level. It demonstrates our loving nature and it can also brighten other people's lives - can totally alter the course of a day for them. The star is generally said to symbolize all our hopes and aspirations. It means balance between the gifts of life and our gift to life. The colour of the star red is attributed to the astrology sign of Aquarius which is powerful, domineering and strong. Red is active, daring, passionate, and optimistic.

It enhances alertness and encourages activity. Red is held to be the most intense colour, the furthest from both black and white, and it is noteworthy that those languages which only have words for three basic colours always select black, white, and red. The red colour according to astrology signifies passion, warmth, vigor, strength and vitality which are also the nature of the people of Aquarius. Red being related to fire and blood it is considered to be symbol of heat. It is even believed that red is the first color used by human beings. The star is bordered by thin black line which is used to signify that the people of Aquarius as formal, conventional, and dignified. It symbolized power, strength, authority, elegance and death. Red is associated with energy, force, aggression and power. The triangle which is bordered by white colour is precise, critical, and sincere and in the Aquarius flag it is used as the symbol of purity.

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