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Asteroids are small rocky objects that keep revolving around the luminary Sun, they are very small and cannot be called as planets. They are also known as minor planets. According to astronomical studies there are millions of asteroids that have been discovered and are yet to be. They range in size from several hundreds of miles to several feet across.

Do asteroids really matter in astrological studies?

Though not many astrologers give importance to the asteroids in their astrological analysis, asteroids do play their miniscule role in our personalities. While the bigger planets rule over the broader areas of our life , the asteroids indicate how we would behave when put under certain conditions. Generally, asteroids are associated with the spirits, demons, karma, destiny, feminine energy and what not.

The asteroids of Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta are widely known. There are also some 20,000 odd named asteroids present in our solar system.

Asteroids in astrology

In astrology, asteroids indicate the relationship that exists between the zodiac houses and the various planet placements. It denotes how you react to certain situations around. Asteroids just add details and dimension to your astrological profile.

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