Conception and Astrology

The time of a woman's fertility depends on the recurrence of the angle of the sun and the moon that occurred at the woman's own birth. If the moon was full when she was born, she will be fertile during the full moon. The sex of the child she is going to bear depends on the position of the moon at conception.

What astrological sign the Moon is in at the time of conception determines the gender of the child.

Certain planetary configurations at the time of conception can effect the viability of the embryo. The health of the newborn depends upon when the conception took place and this time depends on certain astrological calculations.

The Moon and Women

Worldwide study of hospital admissions for self-poisoning/suicide bids found that women make up 60 percent of patients at the new moon; but only 45 percent on the full moon.

Both the Moon and Sun have a gravitational effect on the Earth. When they're both on our right (new moon), their combined forces tug up big ocean tides; when we come between them (full moon), they pull opposite each other.

So it is this gravitational alteration that's making us nuts. Certain studies on lunar phases indicate that the full moon is protective for women.


She is aggressive with men, dynamic, hot-tempered, and very bossy. She attracts men easily and can discard them easily.
She's very down-to-earth and loves to take care of her man. This woman is very sensual in bed and likes to make love slowly.
This woman is a big flirt, she loves to be stroked. She loves variety in sex life.
She's very emotional and romantic. She makes a good sex partner because she will do anything to please her man.
This woman is very charming, has lots of sex appeal, and loves to party. She's a real tiger in bed and rules the bedroom.
Very faithful and devoted. Can be very exacting in bed and wants to follow a set routine in sex.
She's so sexy, seductive, and charming. A very social creature and very romantic and sentimental.
This is a very intense and mysterious woman. Very intense in bed and probably the best lover in the Zodiac.
She's very independent and loves her freedom. She doesn't like long-term commitments in love life.
This woman is very reserved in the beginning but once her barriers are broken , she will love with lot of intensity.
Very intelligent and partner must appeal to her mind.She loses heart when relations turn sour.
A loving, devoted, affectionate, sympathetic woman. She's very emotional and moody at times.

Women-their Astrological Nexus

The Juno asteroid represents the wife, the life partner, the soul mate.
The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman's procreation cycles.
The Moon represents a woman's reflective nature, her internalized response to the world.
Neptune- Women are said to be mystic and veiled in their behaviors as Neptune.
Venus rules a woman's sense of style, her appreciation of art and culture and romance.
Vesta represents the powerful woman who sees beyond the scope of herself.

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