The famous Gann Wheel was used right from the seventeenth century after W.D.Gann's visit to India and his study of Indian Sidereal Astrology. According to the Gann Wheel by deriving the Indian Sidereal natal chart for a commodity uses its starting time and date it is possible for predicting the trends of the market and enable quantifying and qualifying the major and minor cycles of the market and the product. This was the method which was used by the Tea Merchants.

gann wheel

The Indian astrology is always amazed and looked upon for its analytical and forecasting tools used in predicting the past, present and the future. It involves the basic natal chart of "rasi",the "nakshatras" comprising of 27 signs of the Moon and the birth charts called as "shodasavargas".The Vedic astrology with its magnitude of techniques involves the "Navamsa" in which the most subtle underlying nature of a person can be revealed and match making for marriages can be done. An astronomical phenomenon known as precession was studied even long ago by ancient Indian astrologers which states that and solstices moved backward by one degree every 72 years and has now resulted in a difference of about 23 degrees between the tropical Zodiac of the Western astrologers, and the sidereal Zodiac, used by Indian astrologers.

This is the result of the calculation of the Western system saying that when the Sun is in Aries it still at 6 degrees Pisces according to Indian system of calculation.

There is a saying in an ancient Indian scripture which goes like "Blessed are the villages that have astrologers, for they can help people steer their boats over the ocean of time." This clearly proves that with the help of findings of Vedic astrology and the modern days astrology an astrologer can help an individual or a community in not only predicting his future but also shaping the same by foretelling how not to get into trouble. From the days of Vedic astrology to presently the astrologers are able to present or forecast the overall patterns covering the entire span of human life by the dasas which study in detail the planetary movements in its orbits and its interrelationship. This was finally matched and correlated with the birth chart of the individual pattern to foretell about the persons future.

The Indian time cycles also known as Vimsottari Dasha was the main concept of Indian Sidereal Astrology which was used by the tea merchants. With this practical application of Indian time cycle the major movements of the planets were calculated along with the influence of these changes in the stock market and a forecast for the future of the stock market. The Vedic astrology with the help of planetary cycles was able to study the five levels of time of human life and predict their future and at times they even go much more above for they cover 120 years, with each planet allotted a specific range of time to deliver the effects as seen in the birth chart. Unlike Indian astrology the Western astrology does not have any timing technique for they just follow a fixed order of cycles as follows,

Ketu (Moon's South Node): 7 years

Venus: 20 years.

Sun: 6 years.

Moon: 10 years.

Mars: 7 years.

Rahu: (North Node) 18 years.

Jupiter: 16 years.

Saturn: 19 years.

Mercury: 17 years.

Indian astrology with its technique was very astonishing for it was able to study ones own business chart and predict the time and future of good luck of a persons business and his commodity.Infact W.D. Gann was very much known for reading one's business and trading chart. It is very much essential to have the exact time of the start of the first future's contract of a commodity for even a small difference of minutes might result in changes in the prediction by 4 days either this or that way in Indian time cycles. Thus a small change in this period may bring positive or negative effects depending on the planets and its house position and also other factors like houses he owns, the houses he aspects, the planets that aspect him, and the sign that he is in are taken into consideration for calculation. When a natal chart has Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th with Scorpio rising, a speculator in a Jupiter period lasting 16 years would expect astounding results, since Jupiter owns the 5th and the 2nd (speculation and accumulated wealth) and is exalted in the house of good luck and good fortune.

The constellation of the moon at the time of birth is one of the deciding factors of where a cycle starts. Let's take soya bean for example suppose its trading is started in 1936 then the moon must have been in constellation of Orion under the governance of the planet Mars. Thus according to astrology a a sequential unfoldment of cycles began with a seven years Mars period followed by Rahu (North Node of Moon), 18 years, Jupiter 16 years, into its current Saturn period that lasts 20 years etc.But however if it would have begun a day later then similarly the cycle will also possibly moved to the next constellation. The time left in the initial cycle is calculated by studying the degress the moon has transited through a nakshatra for if it is in the final degree of the constellation, the initial cycle will begin in the last section of the cycle. There are also sub cycles within cycles which begin with planet ruling the major cycle and unfold in a set sequential pattern.

By studying Indian astrology we not only get to know the knowledge of economics laws but also the knowledge of the self. For a successful trading understanding of the planetary influences, its transits along with its cycle are very essential. So it is sure for a reward if we want to discover and reveal the laws of nature that underlie the commodity and stock markets. Thus astrological systems with technical signals can favour wonders to study a commodity or a business for a good fortune market entries and exits.

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