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Horary Astrology is the best way to deal with Sports predictions. Horary astrology is a time-honored technique wherein a single chart is cast for then place and time that a question is asked in order to determine that question's answer. To predict the results of a sport, the chart for the beginning of a match and the place of match are used to predict the final outcome.

Different houses of the chart are chosen to represent the two sides. Usually the home team is assigned the Ascendant house and the opposite team, the Descendant, or the seventh house. The planetary rulers of the houses are evaluated and their relative strength is determined using horary techniques.. The side with the strongest rulers is generally declared the winner.

The fifth House of Sports in Astrology

The fifth house can be considered the house of games and sports. It includes the game of life, fun, play, and sports -- as fundamental ways of socializing and channelling potentially aggressive urges into a joyous, pleasurable way of interacting with others. It shows hobbies and favorite recreational activities. Nearly all world-famous individuals have a powerful fifth house.

Planets transiting the fifth may bring opportunities for education, romance, and taking up new spiritual studies, new hobbies and creative activities, including the birth of a child. Planets in the fifth house add energy and urgency to creative activities and indicate the artistic talents we have. A strong fifth house can produce statesmen and politicians as well as athletes, educational and spiritual leaders, and fine artists.

Did you know that .....

The 11th century Arabic astrologer, Al-biruni, called the fifth house as the house of joy, clothes, pleasure and friends - all of which fall naturally under the rulership of Venus. The 12th century Hebrew astrologer, Ibn Ezra, associates the 5th house with food, drink, gifts and diplomats.

Astrological Rules for Winning a Game

Rulers of the first and the fifth house should be un-afflicted and not retrograde.

The Moon and Jupiter should be un-afflicted.

The first lord or the Moon should not be afflicted by Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mars or the South Node.

The ruler of the first house in conjunction, sextile or trine, to the lord of the fifth.

The ruler of the second being a benefic planet and powerfully posited.

The ruler of the fifth better dignified then the ruler of the seventh.

The North Node in the first, second, seventh or tenth house.

Astrological Rules for Losing a Game

The lord of the first, second or seventh house is retrograde, or debilitated.

The ruler of the first or fifth house or the Moon is afflicted or debilitated.

The lord of the fifth applying to conjunction, sextile or trine, to the lord of the seventh house , or Uranus, Saturn, Mars or the South Node.

The Pars Fortunae in the seventh house, or in good aspect to the ruler of the seventh or eighth house or Neptune, Uranus, Saturn or Mars in the fifth, and not the ruler.

The Moon in Square with Jupiter or Venus and is debilitated.

The South Node in the first, second, fifth or tenth house.

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