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Simha Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope

21 Dec 2023

This would be a generally good year for Simha Rasi people but would have many highs and lows. As the year starts things would be good for the natives. But the position of Saturn in your 6th house would bring about troubles from enemies.

Zodiac signs na karamihan ay matagumpay sa buhay

02 Jan 2023

Iniisip ng mga tao na ang pagiging matagumpay sa buhay ay tungkol sa suwerte. Minsan ang pagsusumikap ay nakakatalo sa swerte, at kung minsan ay kabaliktaran. Kailangan ng oras para malaman kung ano talaga ang gusto mong gawin at ituloy sa buhay at pagsusumikap.

Zodiac signs who are mostly successful in life

20 Dec 2022

People think being successful in life is all about luck. Sometimes hard work beats luck, and other times vice versa. It takes time to figure out what you really want to do and pursue in life and hard work.

Divinity and power of number 7

13 Oct 2021

Numerology studies the relationship between numbers and ones life. Its beliefs, that your name can reveal a lot of information about your personality. Divinity analyzes that you are the kind of a person that people like to be around.