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Saturn Retrograde sa Pisces (Hunyo 29 - Nobyembre 15, 2024)

03 Jun 2024

Ang planetang Saturn o Shani gaya ng tawag dito sa Indian na astrolohiya ay nagre-retrograde sa zodiac sign ng Pisces sa ika-29 ng Hunyo, 2024.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces (29 June - 15 November 2024)

31 May 2024

The planet Saturn or Shani as it is called in Indian astrology turns retrograde in the zodiac sign of Pisces on the 30th of June, 2024 at 12:35 AM which would be a Sunday.

Lunar Eclipse - Red moon, Total eclipse, Partial eclipse, Penumbral explained

21 Nov 2022

Eclipses bring about major changes in our lives and they are the cause for evolution around. As per astrology, eclipses are transformative periods that bring about rapid and sudden changes.