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The planet Saturn or Shani as it is called in Indian astrology turns retrograde in the zodiac sign of Pisces on the 29th of June, 2024. Saturn would be retrograding for about four and a half months and would turn direct on the 15th of November, 2024 which would be a Friday.

Saturn is an important planet that plays a major important role in astrological studies, it is a slow moving planet that has major effects on our lives. Hence its retrograde phase plays a prominent role in astrology. Saturn is associated with discipline, honesty, justice and karma. It gives malefic or benefic results based on your natal chart placements. Saturn is known for a slow and steady pace and it does not rush on things.

When Saturn turns retrograde it would be a roller coaster ride. It makes us to dive deep into ourselves and find answers to some of our unanswered questions. As Saturn retrogrades it makes us anxious and would bring unresolved issues back to the fore. If you are one more intent on finding solutions, then the Saturn retrograde phase would be a good time for you. There would be major energy shifts around and Saturn retrograde period would be a time for self-growth and transformation.

What should we do when Saturn turns retrograde:

  • Self-Reflection and Deep introspection
  • Review your responsibilities in life.
  • Your past actions need to be focused
  • Time for Discipline and self-control
  • Evaluate your future career plans
  • Make wanted improvements in life.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes
  • Learn to be patient with delays and hindrances.
  • Handle problems with ease.
  • Consider the foundation of your personal life.
  • Embrace transformations and growth

Saturn Retrograde 2024 Effects on The 12 Zodiac Signs:

This Saturn Retrograde in June 2024 will occur in the watery sign of Pisces. It would impact all the 12 zodiac signs but in different ways. The effects would be felt all through the retrograde phase. Here’s how this Saturn Retrograde will impact the signs according to



For Aries, Saturn retrograde occurs in the 12th house this June. This makes you disciplined to do much work that would promote your long-term growth. You would have insights into your future with new ideas and solutions cropping in. You would be less impulsive for the period as your energy levels dwindle. Just keep your cool and accept dissatisfactions with ease.


The 11th house of Taurus folks would be hosting the retrograde Saturn in 2024. This would affect your social standing, your very image and your friendships. This retrograde would improve your networking skills. However, you would be made to slow down and continue with a slow pace. It is better to take few risks for now.


For Geminis, the 10th house is where Saturn's Retrograde 2024 will happen. This would help you to gain success in profession and your focus would be all on career growth. You become more serious and your deeds become more deeper this retrograde season. There would be a touch of ingenuity in your communications.


The 9th house which rules over higher learning would be hosting this Saturn retrograde phase. This would involve you in some deep learning for the period. Cancers would be planning long distant travels. You would be anxious and worried and it would be a hard task to keep your emotions under check during the retrograde period. Cancers would get more impulsive and offensive too now.


For Leos, Saturn turns retrograde in their 8th house and this implies that certain hidden truths from around would come to the fore. Leos would undergo major transformations in life. Some Leos would inherit a fortune this retrograde period. This is a positive time for the Leos when their confidence level improves. Natives are asked to take life easy these days.


Saturn turns retrograde in the 7th house of love and marriage for the Virgos this June, 2024. This would activate your love and marital areas. Professional partnership would also be activated. Natives are asked to avoid any misunderstandings. Your obsessions with details gets flared up these retrograde days. Delays and hindrances might get on your nerves, take it easy.


Libras would see Saturn turning retrograde in their 6th house of diseases, debts and problems. This would resolve all challenges and problems that come in your way. Avoid all loans and bad debts for now. Your emotional balance would be disrupted and natives might face some hardships in love and friendships.


The 5th house of Scorpios would be hosting the retrograde Saturn in June, 2024. The 5th house is all about pleasures, children, love and speculations. Natives are asked to lead a balanced life and avoid indulgences of sorts during this retrograde phase. Do spend quality time with children. You might get more impulsive and jump into risky ventures. A little self-control is advised for the Scorpios for now.


For the Sages it would be the 4th house hosting the Retrograde Saturn in 2024. This would impact their domestic life and property deals. Natives are asked to hold onto their property investments and not to rush on things. Maternal relationship needs to be nurtured. This retrograde period would give the natives the courage to face things in life. They would be able to fine-tune their ongoing projects.


The 3rd house of Capricorns would witness the retrograding Saturn in June, 2024. This would make the connections with your neighbours and siblings stronger. You would be able to make the right decisions in life. There might be periods of upheavals around. There would be delays and hindrances of sorts and conflicts would be common for the retrograde period.


Aquarians would have this retrograde Saturn in their 2nd house. This is a time to refocus on your finances. Make sure that your familial relationships are intact. Spend ample quality time with your family. You would be moulded these days to adapt to tough situations around. Your creativity would also be greatly enhanced as Saturn retrogrades.


The retrograde phase of Saturn in June 2024 occurs in your sign and this makes you more introspective. You would be able to focus more on yourself and your growth. There would be troubles around disrupting your life. Despair surrounds you, lay low and wait for Saturn to turn direct. Stepping back awhile helps a lot these days.

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