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Palli Villum Palankal (Indian Astrology )

Superstitions based on falling of the Lizard

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Indian mythology holds significance for movements of certain animals and their general behavior.The movement and the falling of the wall lizard finds special mention in the Gowli Shastra.The falling of the lizard on different parts of the human body has different significance and it predicts certain future events as well.The predictions vary for males and females.

Palli Villum Palankal

Palli Villum Palan for males
Palli Villum Palan for females
Head - Disputes / Clashes
Head - Afraid of death
Top of head - Afraid of death
Hair - sickness
Face - Financial gains
Calf - Expect visitors
Left eye - Good
Left eye - Love
Right eye - Losses
Right eye - mental stress
Forehead - Separation
Chest - good
Right cheek - Grief
Right cheek - Male child
Left ear - Income
Right ear - financial profits
Upper Lip - Disputes
Upper lip - disputes
Lower Lip - Financial profits
Lower lip - new things
Both lips - Fear of death
Both lips - difficulties
Mouth - bad health
Breast - Unhappiness
Left backside - Victory
Backside - death news
Wrist - Modification
Hands - financial profits
Arm - Failure
Left hand - mental stress
Finger - Expect visitors
Finger - Getting ornaments
Right arm - Troubles
Right arm - Romance
Left arm - Shame
Shoulder - Getting ornaments
Thighs - Loss
Thighs - romance
Mustache - Hurdles
Knees -Affection
Heel - Journey
Ankle - Trouble
Toe - Illness
Right leg - Loss
Toe - Male child

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