So visitor you have survived to see the light of this day. Does this day have any particular significance? Or is it just a fancy set of numbers just like any other similar day like 11.11.11 which came last year or 10.10.10 that came the year before. However one thing that is sure is that there is no 13.13.13 day to see the light !!

Though there had been many doom-related information regarding this date going in circles on the net, we at do not see anything wayward happening on this particular day..

The very number 12 holds an important place in the hearts of mathematicians, physicists and the like. The reason is that this number is very unique because of its easy divisibility. Hence we have come to use this more in our time management and routine life.We have the twelve apostles, the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ mentioned in the Bible. A dozen makes a 12 right.. We have the 12 hours, the 12 AM, 12 PM..

The Romans and the Egyptians started the 12 month calendar that is in vogue. The astrological sky or the zodiac is divided into 12 equal houses of 30 degrees each. Those born on 12.12.12 fall under the Sagittarius sign and no points for guessing the same..

However it has been found by astronomers that during December 2012, the Sun would be aligned with the centre of the galaxy. But nothing significant is likely to take place owing to this except for some unusual happenings here and there.

From a numerological perspective, the date 12.12.2012 adds up to 11 ,a master number. This denotes a new awakening and new enlightenment.

So here's wishing all that are going to get married on this special day. Special birthday wishes for all those born on this special day.

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