Saturn spends around two and a half years in each sign, taking about twenty-nine years on his journey through all the zodiac signs.Each twenty-nine years naturally presents us with the challenge to rise to new levels of awareness, or face the consequences of having failed to gain the wisdom required so to do.

When Saturn in the heavens returns to the zodiacal degree where he was placed in your birth chart, you are said to be experiencing your Saturn Return. This only happens once every 29 years, so at around age 28-30, 57-59 and 86-88 you have what astrologers call a Saturn Return.

Saturn Return
This signifies a time of transition, from one life-phase to the next. The first Saturn return (around age 28-30) marks the transition from the Phase of Youth to the Phase of Maturity; the second from the Phase of Maturity to the Phase of Wisdom. The last one, if reached, seems usually to mark the transition either to the next world or else back to a second childhood.

As the Saturn return approaches, often our lives seem to speed up, as if hurrying to clear out old baggage from the past, to lighten the load for the next stage. Important things that either finalize old issues, or prepare the ground for new developments tend to occur with increasing frequency.

During one's first Saturn Return, the following are found to occur:

Any lingering qualities of adolescence/childishness come to an end.

A trimming of non-essentials occurs. Some dreams of youth are put to rest.

An increasing sense of one's own mortality can induce high stress and anxiety.

A fuller understanding and actualization of one's core nature.

A time to build a foundation for adulthood.

Something invariably manifests at this time which is enduring and long-term like partnerships and marriage, one's first child or settling on a permanent profession.

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