Relocation astrology is a branch of Astrology which gives you details about your future if you happen to be at a particular place. That could be of a great help, if you are planning to move or take a longer trip.


A primary approach of relocation techniques is Astro-cartography, which maps the world using your own birth chart in order to discover the best places on Earth for your health, love and romance, prosperity, marriage, profession, etc.

Relocated birth chart

A relocated birth chart is mainly used to find the basic theme in a new location. That is it helps you to find out what a particular place has in store for you. A relocated birth chart is necessary to find out how to improve those patterns in the birth chart that make someone unhappy with oneself, by relocating.

Uses of Relocation Astrology

To find a great job with more money and success.

To meet someone special related to love, marriage or family.

To buy a home or to invest in real estate.

To start a business which would be successful.

To retire in style or for vacation.

To find happiness, purpose and spiritual contentment with life.

To find the best college/school to perform well.

To recover / improve your health.

Remote Activation

Through Remote Activation, one can harness the positive astrological energies that a given location shall give for one, without ever even setting foot on the ground there. Mere communication with people in such a place whether by phone, mail, or internet, can activate positive potentials from a far. Also, meeting people from your lucky place will have positive influence in your life.

Astro-cartography Vs Relocation Chart

Astro-cartography maps show lines representing only the conjunct aspect to the four angles.

Relocation charts show aspects to the four angles in the chart, Ascendant, Descendant, Imum Coeli, and Midheaven (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house cusp lines). Aspects revealed will be major and minor. Support or lack of support of Astro-cartography lines from other aspects in the relocated chart are made clear.

The Ascendant in an Astro-cartography map is different than the Ascendant in a relocated chart. This happens because Astro-cartography maps are calculated in relationship to the equator and relocation charts, as in the standard natal birth chart are calculated in relationship to the ecliptic.

What is a relocation Chart?

A relocation chart is a natal horoscope moved to a different location. It's a chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from another location, as if the birth happened there. The planets' sign positions all remain the same, but they will appear in different houses at different locations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence.

What is an Astro-cartography Map ?

An Astro-cartography map shows lines of "potential cosmic energy" on a worldwide map. The lines show where the Sun, Moon and planets are conjunct the cusps (beginning) of your four angular houses in your relocated natal charts (RNC). These four cusps are also called your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (MC) and IC. Being on a line will give you to the concentrated "energies" of the one planet (or two) involved.

Jim Lewis-Relocation Astrology

Jim Lewis developed Astro-cartography, in the 1960s and 1970s. His idea was built around the principle that planets near the horizon or the meridian of a horoscope have great power, much more power than planets in other parts of a birth chart. Lewis took time and place beyond the narrow focus of a single horoscope and recast them onto a world map. Lewis's Astro-cartography is an angular map that displays orbit tracks of the lights and planets for all horizons and meridians north of 60° South latitude and south of 70° North latitude for the birth moment. It is saddening to note here that Jim Lewis died in February 1995.

Global Feng Shui- Astro-cartography

Astro-cartography is an astrological technique that takes feng shui to a global dimension. Where traditionally feng shui concerned itself with creating harmony in the immediate home environment by removing obstacles.

Arranging furniture and the use of color and symbols, Astro-cartography concerns itself to which location on planet Earth is most harmonious for an individual to live.

Relocation Terms

Crossings: (paranatellonta) Any crossing of two Astro-cartography lines on a map influences not only the area in which they cross, but the entire line of latitude at which the crossing occurs.

Zenith: The "zeros" on the Midheaven line designate positions on Earth at which the designated planet was directly overhead - coincident in both latitude and longitude.

Vortex: There is a position in extreme northern and southern latitudes where many lines cross. This area to be anxiety producing, upsetting, and difficult.

Midpoints: Alocation exactly equidistant from two Astro-cartography lines, as measured along the line of latitude at which the place exists, will experience a midpoint, blended influence of the two lines in question.

Cities in Relocation Astrology

ARIES-Leicester, Naples, Birmingham

TAURUS- Leipzig, Dublin, St. Louis

GEMINI- London, San Francisco, Melbourne,

CANCER- Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo

LEO-Bristol, Bombay, Chicago, Rome

VIRGO-Athens, Paris, Boston, Toulouse

LIBRA-Antwerp, Lisbon, Frankfurt

SCORPIO-Baltimore, Cincinnati, Washington

SAGITTARIUS- Budapest, Naples, Toronto

CAPRICORN- Brussels, Delhi, Mexico City

AQUARIUS- Hamburg, Helsinki, Moscow

PISCES-Alexandria, Jerusalem, Warsaw

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