The Mars effect is a claim that Mars occupies certain positions in the sky more often at the birth of sports champions than at the birth of ordinary people. Specifically, the claim is that sports champions are more likely to be born when Mars is in the quadrant of the celestial sphere bounded by the eastern horizon and the upper meridian, known as the fourth quadrant to astrologers.

Mars Effect
The claim is based on some of the statistical analyses of Michel Gauquelin, who devoted much of his life to trying to determine whether astrology has any scientific validity. Of all the many analyses performed by Gauquelin, all failed to conclude that astrology had any such validity - with the exception of the one statistical analysis that forms the basis of what became known as the Mars effect.

The underlying results are anomalous. Because of this, the Mars effect has been the subject of considerable controversy. French psychologist Michel Gauquelin set out to disprove astrological theory, but his research showed some interesting results. Between 1956 and 1961, Gauquelin and his wife analysed more than 25,000 dates and times of births from registers in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Holland. They discovered that more scientists were born under Saturn or Mars, athletes under Mars, soldiers under Mars or Jupiter, and writers under Venus or the Moon.

Researchers in both North America and Great Britain also identified ' the Mars effect' , as Gauquelins theory became known. They noted similar correlations between specific planets and success among superachieving professionals - American lawyers peaked in Gemini, British politicians in Aries, and diplomats in Gemini.

The "Mars Effect" was derived from a study and analysis of more than 2000 eminent athlete's births. The findings were that there were a significantly higher number than chance would allow of those people having Mars either just risen (in the 12th or 11th house) or culminating (near the MC/Midheaven 8th-10th house).

The results of Gauquelin's investigations show the following professions to correlate with the planets being prominent by virtue of being close to the angles as follows:

Sportsmen - Mars, lack of Moon

Military - Mars or Jupiter

Actors - Jupiter

Doctors - Mars or Saturn, lack of Jupiter

Politicians - Moon or Jupiter

Executives - Mars or Jupiter

Scientists - Mars or Saturn, lack of Jup iter

Writers - Moon, lack of Mars or Saturn

Journalists - Jupiter, lack of Saturn

Playwrights - Jupiter

Painters - Venus, lack of Mars or Saturn

Musicians - Venus, lack of Mars

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