The Imum Caelum is the Cardinal Point of the meridian.The Imum Coeli or I.C. for short, is the sign complete opposite the Med. Coeli, the sign that was directly below at your time of birth.

This is also the sign of the 4th house. On your natal chart it is the sign that is in the exact 6 o'clock position.

This sign represents home and family.

Imum Coeli
Because this sign changes approximately every 2 hours, you will need to know your exact time of birth within roughly 4 minutes because this sign changes degrees every 4 minutes and you could have been born right as the sign changes from one to another.

In modern astrology, this is merely a point on the Zodiac Wheel, without powers. However, in Classical astrology it possess specific powers, governing wealth and the foundations of things.

It governs Wealth and wealth's the stay of all:

It rules Estates, it shows what Mines contain,

What secret Treasures we may hope to gain,

Without this Power the other Fates were vain.

Situated on the cusp of the Fourth House (6 o'clock position), the House of Home and Family, the Imum Coeli (or I.C. for short) is the point of the Zodiac at which issues of security and foundation converge. The Sign that rests at the Imum Coeli in your astrological chart, reflects your approach to attaining security.

If planets come near this angle in an astrological chart, efforts of those planets are concentrated on sustenance and comfort. A very private point in a chart, the efforts made on behalf of the planets near the I.C. may be unfairly ignored.

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