Just a fun Diwali horoscope for all the sun signs as to how this year's Diwali is going to be ....

Aries Diwali Horoscope :

For Arians the planet Venus is favourably placed during this Diwali season. This is good for you in general. A calm and cool period is in store for you.

There would be some troubles in your relationships at times. Tackle them with ease with your good tackling abilities and demeanour.

Taurus Diwali Horoscope :

Mars is favourably placed for Taureans during this Diwali. Hence life would be smooth as silk though occasional hindrances cannot be ruled out. Communication is the key to avoid any mishaps in your relationships. A busy schedule is ahead and hence try to prioritize your works this festive season.

Gemini Diwali Horoscope :

The favourable disposition of the lumniaries Sun and Moon for Gemini natives shall make sure that this Diwali would be happy and joyous. You would be able to expend your energy in a positive manner. Romance and friendships shall bloom better off now than ever.

Cancer Diwali Horoscope :

For Cancerians, this Diwali shall bring in some betterment in life. Jupiter favourably disposed shall make sure that troubles that had been haunting you till date shall vanish into thin air. Good finances and career opportunities shall come your way without asking. However health needs to be taken care of with caution.

Leo Diwali Horoscope :

Leos are likely to face some hitches during this Diwali season.There would be some career issues due to the influence of Mercury and Mars in your natal chart. An optimistic approach towards life and taking a break with friends shall help you to tide over any issues.

Virgo Diwali Horoscope :

This festive season you shall have a bent towards work, work and more work. You shall be able to earn the goodwill and favor of authorities and peers in your work place that you would not be able to meet the personal needs of your immediate family. This is due to the strong presence of Mars in your chart.

Libra Diwali Horoscope :

This diwali season there would be a tendency towards being extravagant with finances. Make sure that you do not burn your fingers at the end. Socializing and friends shall take the centrestage for now.You are likely to meet the love of your life. A perfect balancing of your acts shall do wonders during this week.

Scorpio Diwali Horoscope :

Mars favorably posited in your natal chart shall bless you with a wonderful Diwali season for you. There would be good financial returns clubbed with some high -value purchases.Your creativity shall come to the fore now.This is not the time to take any revenge in personal life.

Sagittarius Diwali Horoscope :

Your relationships shall grow stronger during this festive season thanks to the favorable disposition of Moon and Mars. Take time when it comes to making important decisions related to professional or personal life.Children and elder members of the family shall need your total commitment during this time.

Capricorn Diwali Horoscope :

This would be a gainful period for you with Mercury strong in your chart. All your efforts of the past period shall bear fruit now. Domestic welfare and happiness is also assured during this Diwali.Long distance travels are on the cards.Better communication is the key for this period.

Aquarius Diwali Horoscope :

Peace and harmony will prevail in your work place due to the effects of Jupiter during this festive season. You would be able to maintain a balance between work and home. People would like to get your ideas and advises for now.Avoid over-indulgence of any sort.

Pisces Diwali Horoscope :

Much financial gains are in the offing for Pisceans during this Diwali as Venus and Sun are favorably placed. A generally peaceful and relaxing environment would prevail both at work and home. Success is guaranteed in any work you undertake during this time of the year.