Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is an exciting new form of healing brought forward from the Atlantean teachings, and is complimentary to such modalities as kinesiology, acupuncture and other natural healing modalities.

Color therapy is the use of color in a variety of ways to promote health and healing.

The different colors we see in the world around us are the result of the eye perceiving light vibrating at different frequencies. Sunlight holds all the wavelengths of color in the visible spectrum as well as infrared and ultraviolet light, which cannot be seen.

Color Therapy
Color therapy is used to treat both physical and emotional problems. Color therapy involves exposure to colored lights, massages using color-saturated oils, visualizing colors, and wearing colored clothing and eating colored foods.

Color's effects on healing didn't really pick up until 1878, when Dr. Edwin D. Babbitt published his book Principles of Light and Color. Here he described his work in chromatotherapy or healing with colored lights, suggesting it as a treatment for a variety of ailments, including burns, nervous excitability, and cold in the extremities.

It has been established that the lack of sunlight experienced during the winter in northern climates causes depression in many people--a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Blue in the bedroom is recommended for good sleep.

Green in the study room is ideal for concentration.

White or cream in the prayer room enhances spiritual progress.

Orange in the dining room is good for digestion.

White is good for the elderly and the sick ones' room.


• Never use color therapy instead of conventional care for serious ailments.

• If you suffer from epilepsy, use caution when looking at flashing lights.

• If you are receiving colored light therapy, avoid looking directly into the light source. Look at an object illuminated by the colored lights instead.

• If you are taking prescription drugs, read the warning label to make sure that no side effects are induced if your skin is exposed to bright light.

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