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For a factory or an industrial organizations it should be noted that the higher executives faces the north direction whereas the staff and the workers should be facing the east direction. The major activities of the factory should always be concentrated in Central, Northern, or Eastern zones. Any decision is supposed to be taken in the southwest zone because it is the highest point of helix and thus it flows without any friction to the other levels. Care should be taken that the and of the factory be elevated in the south west direction and if the room for the guard is in the northern gate then it should be concentrated towards

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the north west side and if it is in the eastern gate then south east side respectively. But if this is not possible then the bad effects can be corrected by planting specific trees suited for Vastu directions.Even parking of vehicles counts in vastu shastra.Heavy vehicles like cranes, trucks, trolleys and tractors should be parked in the south west zone whereas parking of the employee’s vehicles like cycles, scooter, cars, and light commercial vehicles should be in the south west zone and north east zone should always be free from parking. Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North West or Central East.

But however if this is not possible it can be corrected by energy card in vastu which is a combination of seven colors with crystals of corresponding colors offering chromate therapy effect along with energy from semi–precious crystals, to enhance functioning of seven chakras in our body. According to vastu this helps in the progression of the business and thereby peace, prosperity, career, money and fortune at all levels of life.

Care should be taken in placing of machineries and erection of plants and it should never be done in the North West and South East corners. North East and centre of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machineries. Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides except in North East, North West and South East corners. Generator, boilers, ovens, oil fired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in South East. Raw materials and semi processed materials can be stocked in the south or the west zone.

North west, east or south east is good for finished goodstores, packing and forwarding. Maintenance and consumable stores should be in the south or south west area. However yantra plates which produces positive energy acts as a remedy if the above is not possible. This is an octagonal plate representing eight directions with yantras of their nine ruling planets. This yantra plate is to be placed in the abode of God or at prayer corner or it can also be placed in table-drawer, locker or anywhere in show-case and the house–direction are to be matched with direction mentioned there in.

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