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Venus Opposite Saturn in Synastry: Finding a Solution in the Axis

When it comes to Synastry, certain Outer Planets and their aspects do not clash well and could lead to a dysfunctional and downright chaotic relationship. Such relationships are very uncommon and are rarely seen.

Astrologists claim that Venus Opposite Saturn could be a bad combo; this may cause an individual in such a relationship to feel trapped and suffocated, but why is this? Why are such relationships uncommon? Why is Venus opposite Saturn viewed as a challenging aspect?


Venus is viewed as the planet of attraction, love and relationship. In fact, according to Roman Mythology, Venus was viewed as the Goddess of love, passion and beauty. It further goes to show what the planet represents in determining Synastry.

The planet Venus is also extremely hot. It's one of the hottest planets out there, which could symbolize the passion and fire you are likely to find in a Venus person. Typically, Venus’s Position on a male’s Natal Chart can indicate who you are attracted to, whether that be sexually attracted or attracted to the character of the other individual.

For females, the position of Venus can demonstrate how she attracts others using her femininity.


Saturn by the Romans was viewed as the God of agriculture. It already contradicts Venus as we discussed Venus being the Goddess of Love, meaning she was relationship-oriented, whereas Saturn is the God of Agriculture is work-oriented.

Saturn as a planet focuses on hard work and rewards it. Saturn, the planet is cold, very cold. It could explain why Venus and Saturn do not mix well together, the classic case of fire and ice.

Saturn people are responsible and mature. Saturn confines itself and lives according to its work life. It is in direct opposition to Venus and could lead to incompatible Synastry. In fact, it could be said that Saturn is all work and no play, whereas Venus is the opposite.

What happens when Saturn comes in contact with Venus

What happens when Saturn is opposite Venus? The results could be disastrous and could result in incompatible Synastry. Venus people will tend to express their love openly and without any adulteration; this can cause Saturn people to be fearful in the relationship.

Synastry venussaturn

Saturn’s tend to fear change and are unwilling to conform to change that will disrupt their current lifestyle. Saturn's, on the other hand, will express their restrictions which can cause a feeling of rejection in the Venus person as they feel the affection they are giving out is not being reciprocated.

Saturn’s are also more likely to back away and exit the relationship if things are unstable in the long run, rather than waiting and seeing it play out in the long run. As a result, this could potentially lead to a dysfunctional relationship and, for lack of a better word, "Toxic". There is a reason these relationships are rare, and ones that do sprout up do not last long and can be emotionally damaging to those involved.

A Compromise

However, if handled properly, all such obstacles can be overcome and could result in a very special relationship. Such oppositions have a chance of working extremely well and will result in compatible Synastry.

Not only compatible Synastry but Synastry that is unmatched by others and is worth fighting for and navigating the hurdles of the relationship. Such opposition may result in the couple having a bond that is stronger than most, a bond not easily breakable as both parties will depend on each other to feel fulfilled.

A Saturn person can receive warmth and affection from the Venus person. The Saturn person will, in turn, give Venus stability and commitment, as Saturn often tends to take the relationship very seriously. This relationship can give both parties fulfilment and help them strengthen the areas they lack as a person.


In conclusion, Venus opposite Saturn has high chances of being destructive, however as the saying goes, "opposites attract". Venus and Saturn, if handled properly, can result in a beautiful, fulfilling relationship achieved by a few.

Astrologists advise that when looking into compatibility through Synastry, you should consider the Natal and Composite Charts to gauge the likelihood of a successful relationship.