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Unmasking Ourselves: The Power of the Outer Planets on Angles in Synastry

Many people look towards Synastry when pursuing or contemplating their relationships, whether those relationships are platonic or romantic in nature. Synastry, coming from Astrology, are charts that pin down the role two people play in a particular relationship.

It is basically how each person's energy bounces from the other and whether those two energies are compatible or not. Similar to Zodiac Signs, a person's Natal Chart depends on their date of birth and which planet they are assigned to and whether the aspects of these planets are trines, conjunction’s or squares. However, the question remains.

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How do Outer Planets impact Angles in Synastry?

Outer Planets are often looked past when it comes to discussing Synastry and Compatibility as Outer Planets tend to move slowly. It is believed Outer Planets tend not to have any impact on the Synastry of those around the same age (e.g. an 18 year and a 20-year-old).

However, in recent years this stigma on Outer Planets has been slowly changing and evolving. More and more Astrologists involve their outer planets to see how good their Synastry is with a potential love interest.


It is now believed that if one person's planet is in close proximity with another's planet, it will not only challenge them but help them discover who they are. For example, if you are around someone whose Mars is close to yours, it will allow you to feel confronted and maybe make you grow as a person as you discover new relationship opportunities.


In fact, Outer Planets and their Angles can tell and explain a whole lot about a relationship. For example, a certain aspect between the Moon and Venus can indicate that those two are both emotionally and spiritually on the same page.


On the opposite spectrum, an aspect between Venus and Mars could mean a strong sexual connection. It is an example of how the same planet could have a different Synastry with other outer planets. Both Planets and Angles come together to feel the impact on Outer Planets.

The Impact on Outer Planets on the Ascendant and Descendants

The common consensus between Astrologists is that when an Outer Planet lies on a person's Ascendant, it will lead to them having doubts about their own identity. It causes them to contemplate who they are in the context of their relationship, and the most notorious example of this is when Pluto comes in contact with your Ascendant.

A Plutonian personality is already the most complex, and it requires the partner to really understand and feel who they are as a person. However, when a Plutonian personality isn't handled properly, it results in a relationship that is more or less a power game.

Different planets can have different impacts on your Ascendant. On the outer planet of Neptune, there is an initial feeling of perfection that could later devolve into chaos and a feeling of uncertainty. It could potentially be beneficial as well as these interactions with different outer planets cause an Individual to evolve into a complete person. Such experiences are important for growth.

When it comes to the Outer Planets coming in contact with a Descendant, it causes another to examine how they relate to others, particularly their partnerships. An outer planet coming in contact with your Descendant may also cause you to show that side of your personality that you choose to keep hidden from others.

For example, Uranus coming in contact with your Descendant may cause you to seek out more and look for more in life. It could potentially be a good thing as an individual needs to look within themselves and figure what they desire and make an active effort to work for those changes to improve their personal life and, in turn, their relationship.


The Outer Planets have a significant and immense impact on Angles and Synastry as an Outer Planet can determine the core appeal of a particular relationship as well as the unhealthy aspects of it. Two Planets can impact the Synastry of a person, and their aspects can determine whether an individual is in a healthy relationship or not.

Only recently, astrologists have been starting to consider the importance of Outer Planets, and it is safe to tell all astrologists to look further into how Outer Planets impact Angles in Synastry.