Synastry opposition

Synastry Studies: Oppositions

What are ‘oppositions’ in Synastry?

Opposition in synastry is two opposite planets in charts of the individual, separately or between charts of two individuals, collectively. Opposition is the next most powerful aspect to conjunction. Did you consider it to be a Square? Nah! What comes after one? Two! One plus one is two. Oppositions are two that are striving to become one and will become one, definitely. Dividing the 2 gives 180 degrees.

Opposition in Synastry

Thus, an opposition is a give-and-take relationship. It is powerful and natural. Oppositions occur in complementary signs. It is when two planets are in dialogue with each other. It is those relationships that you witness in a romantic comedy. Two partners fight with each other to understand each other yet love each other. They give one another what they lack individually. Oppositions are like a see-saw effect. One day the power is with one partner, and the next day it goes to the other. And guess what? Surprisingly, the partners themselves don’t realize how quickly the power dynamics alter.

The oppositions are most effective when each opposite planet is on the other’s polarity point. Polarity points indicate and reflect what each planet lacks and thus, desires. It reflects what the planet needs to feel whole. Let’s talk about Venus/Pluto opposition. Pluto challenges Venus’ values, preferences, and tastes by its’ ultimate truth. Meanwhile, Venus challenges Pluto’s ultimate truth with its’ love, kindness, aesthetic sense. The purpose of oppositions is to achieve fulfillment, and it does so successfully. The partners will be on opposite pages but will learn growth and each other’s perspectives together.

Most Challenging but Successful Oppositions

The most beneficial and successful oppositions occur when one planet is on the higher octave, and the other is on the lower octave. However, these oppositions are quite challenging and testing. The partners involved will reach spiritual heights together and will grow immensely. We have listed below some such successful but challenging oppositions.

 • Mars/Pluto

 • Venus/Neptune

 • Mercury/Uranus

The stigma associated with ‘Oppositions’ in Synastry

The oppositions are considered bad and negative, generally. Many people consider it to be bad for a relationship. They think that oppositions will cause constant power struggles, arguments, and fights in a relationship. However, this is far from the truth. Oppositions are a very powerful aspect. They are rewarding and push the couple for ultimate growth, love, and satisfaction. The two people come together to complete each other and give each other what they desired. However, oppositions can only be problematic in the following two scenarios.

Problematic Oppositions

Problematic oppositions occur when one planet has the upper hand and is strong. Meanwhile, the other planet is weak. The weightage of power resides with the stronger planet that tries to control the weaker one. It mostly occurs when the planet in opposition is either Sun, Moon, Ascendant ruler, dispositor of the Sun, ruler of an angle, or an outer planet. The upper planet controls, and the lower fights for self-recognition, self-worth, or tends to compromise. The major issues arise when Venus is the weaker planet. The upper planet challenges Venus’ self-worth and values.


The couple indulges in power struggles. The dominant dominates and the dominated tries to fight for self-recognition.

Synastry Opposition


This opposition takes away the possessions of Venus, either externally or internally. Such a scenario could be where the dominant partner does not let the dominated practice their career path or showcase their talent and snubs them by pulling them away from their passion or social life.


In such a scenario, we idealize what we may have or never had, but it is taken away soon without recompensating. Such a scenario often occurs in one-sided relationships.

In such scenarios, Venus has to operate on the dynamics of the upper planets while struggling to hold onto their values. If there are squares present to such oppositions, tensions in a relationship are amplified. However, the presence of a trine or sextile makes the communication between the dominated and dominant easy.

Hungry Planet Syndrome

Another problematic opposition category is ‘Hungry Planet Syndrome’. It is when a planet in an individual’s chart desires growth or has something lacking, but it has no direction. If such a person comes across with someone with an opposing planet to theirs, they indulge in fascination and obsession for the person. They think that this person is everything for them and they cannot find someone better. They display obsessive behaviors.

Other than these problematic oppositions, oppositions, in general, are healthy for a relationship.