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Navigating Neptune In Synastry

Neptune is one of the most intriguing and incredibly amazing planets. That is the very reason why we read about it as if we are reading an MCU comic book. Neptune's influence on our lives is unreal, and we actually are all up for it because we don't really mind anything at this point.

Neptune strikes us when we are ignorant and just leaves us off guard, so we are not really able to do anything about it, and we are stuck in the dangerous game of planets. But, to know more about this game and take command over it, we will discuss the Neptune in synastry and trust us, you are going to love it.

How Neptune Strikes Us?

Neptune does not strike us in a very traditional way; in fact, he makes us believe that everything is going great and that we should not be worried, and before we even know, we are in a complete messed up situation.

Neptune makes so many promises to you, promises of joy, happiness and perfection and says that you won’t face any type of difficulty until he is around. Neptune is the biggest question that makes you feel complete and content with life.

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Neptune is a very strange type of outer planet because when it strikes, it frees us from all the worldly desires and pains and makes us find the inner peace that we always looked for. He takes the burden off of our chests and makes us wonder what we were even doing all these years.

Neptune Synastry Influence

The Neptune influence is kind of a see-saw that makes you question the mere existence of the world one moment and cherish the smallest of things the other moment. So, the person who is under Neptune's heavy influence has gotta go through a lot. We are listing some of the most common influences of Neptune synastry on the people.

 • Uncertainty

The person under the influence of this planet lives under a sense of uncertainty and constantly juggles between the ecstasy and fun of life and despair of life. These two completely different things confuse him and make him a person that he is not.

 • Change In Perception

Neptune completely changes our perception of how everything works, and some people even say that when you are under the influence of Neptune, that is when you can see the world as it truly is and cherish it just the right way.

 • Losing Oneself

But, the problem arises when Neptune influences a selfish and self-centered person. Neptune is really not okay with a life spent without any service so, such an egoistic person ends up losing himself under the influence of this cruel planet.

 • Constant Discontent

No matter what you do, a Neptunian would never be happy and content, and that is not their mistake at all because Neptune itself is the culprit behind giving such unease and eternal discontent to its own people. The person influenced heavily by Neptune might look happy, but from the inside, he is restless.

 • Addiction And Obsession

Neptune is known to break all the walls and for pulling you inside an unstoppable loop of addiction and obsession where you no longer remember who you are. The obsession can be with a person, with an animal or with an idea.

Knowing About Neptune In Synastry

When Neptune is in synastry, it can make us believe in weird things and even let us make a fool of ourselves. Neptune can make you a victim of obsession and false bliss pretty easily, and people get obsessed with a person within a matter of minutes. But, those who actually know that how Neptune messes with them stay cautious in these situations and watch out for signs.

Synastry Neptune

The signs of Neptune in synastry influencing your love life could be, being completely dependent on your partner, obsessing over them, not being able to imagine your life without them, losing your own self.

All these signs are red flags, and if you notice any of these in yourself or in your partner, you need to know that Neptune is overtaking their willpower, and they are falling victim to one of the deadliest games of all, the game with Neptune.


Neptune is not everyone's favourite, but you sure as well love to know the tea about it, and we also love to know and read more about this planet while doing synastries.

Neptune can really make you suffer a lot, and at least that is what we have seen in all these years. So, just watch out for the signs and don't fall victim to Neptune's plot.